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Imperial Fists siege list (custom rules for trench warfare)

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A good friend of mine who has a ridiculously large disposable income will be supplying me with a 30k army this weekend to play against his OTHER 30k army. Now I'm super excited to finally be playing a heresy game since this is my favorite time period/models/rule set, but I have never seen a battle report, fully read the first rule book, nor used any of the units. The list that I've thrown together I'm not even sure about points cost but we are playing a 2500 point match. Let me know what you guys think about what I will use so far, what can be tweaked (added or removed) and if I'm over / uwnder the points cost. Any and all feedback is appreciated


Elements of the Imperial Fists 103rd chapter, 2nd Company vs Iron Warriors elements of 65th and 89th (or so he says lol)


HQ: Legion Praetor: Artificer armor, paragon blade, digital weapons


Legion Centurion (Siege Breaker): Need help with wargear options


Elite: Tactical Terminator x10: 2x Autocannons (can they take more heavy weapons? Possibly switch weapons to heavy volkite cannon?)


Contemptor talon x3: 3 DCCW w/ plasma or graviton gun, x3 cyclone ML. 1 TL Las, 1 TL Auto, 1 Kheres


Apothecary detachment x3: Standard wargear, possibly x3 power weapons?


Troops: Legion tactical squad x20 - x3. Sarge in each with power weapon, each with apothecary, possible other wargear options?


Fast attack: ???


Heavy support: Legion medusa x3


Legion heavy support squad: Autocannons or missle launchers



I want to be able to have a solid trenched gun line. This will be a very fluffy game and will run 10 turns, night fighting the entire game, with a longer than usual board with one row of trenches in each of our deployment zone and 7 in between our deployment zones with 3 objectives: one in each zone, one in a bunker in the dead center of the board, in the center of the middle trench. No reserves, no deep striking.


Now a couple other special rules is bolters have 12" added onto their range, an night fighting just makes you fire at BS 3, unless you have wargear that cancels night fighting. Also trenches provide a 4+ cover save, bunkers 3+, which can be taken in addition to each units armor save (if the shot breaks through the fortified trench positions/bunker then the shot hits the soldier and has to pass through his armor too) Also scouts sniper rifles have their range doubled so I would like to find the points for already one 10 man squad, maybe two minimum sized squads. Also no lords of war, and no land raiders or fliers.


If like some advice as to what wargear I should take on the models in the list since I don't own betrayal and don't want to spend hours writing a list when I see him instead of just getting right to playing. Also what units I should drop/add. Thanks in advance guys!


Quick edit: thinking about 1-3 rapier batteries, or the mortar versions to add more long range artillery to compliment the medusas? I should point out vehicles like rhinos charging up are near useless since the trenches are dangerous terrain and there will be tank traps and barricades all over 'no mans land' with the special rule of if a vehicles passes within 1 inch of any tank trap it automatically takes a str 8, ap 3 hit on that sides armor. We want to focus this battle on a more infantry based, war of attrition type battle - think ww1 trench warfare. I forgot to mention in the original post each one of us also have 3 30 man imperial guard squads, armed with lasguns that will start one squad per trench in the 3 trenches on our side of the board. They can't move forward but may move back into another trench, as far back as the border of our respected deployment zone perimeters. When a squad dies, we bring another one on that will be forced to match up trench by trench until it reaches the trench it started off at. They don't count for scoring, just contesting , and don't offer kill points.

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To describe the board in a little more detail, I will be as descriptive as I can since I have no pictures from when we built it. Board is 7 feet long, 3 1/2 wide. One trench and 2 'command' bunkers in each deployment zone, as well as one 3 story ruin. Deployment zones are 12 inches. In the center of the board is the neutral bunker with the center objective, the other two being at the base of the deployment zone ruins. Surrounding the central bunker are 4 2 story ruins that while providing cover, do not fully block line of site to walker size vehicles and larger. Each trench is roughly 3 inches wide and spans the width of the board. Each bunker is as deep as the trenches and 1 story tall, with 'sandbags' up top and room for 10 marines to stand. Top of the bunker provides a 5+ cover save. Inside each bunker is a heavy bolter that can be used only by a squad inside. The center bunker has no weapon emplacements.
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