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Blood Angels Librarius

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I've been doing some commission work for a buddy of mine from work
(Orks and Thousand Sons) who had decided to do a full scale Deathwing
Army but has now scaled back his plans.  In payment some recent work he
gave me a unit of Deathwing Knights that he'd already assembled.  I
however wanted to modify them into a Blood Angels Librarius.  They look
good with the minor modification (weapons and shaving off the winged
sword DA Icons) but something is missing I think.  Let me know what you
all think...










I might try some press molds of some Grey Knight bits (Books in
particular) and try to fit them on because at the moment they still look
to Dark Angel.  Might try to shave the hooded head off of the angels on
the shields and pauldrons and sculpt on a unhooded head.


...and I know the bases look really out of date but the rest of my
Blood Angels army (15000pts worth) is a little dated and were all done
with green bases... up side is they blend in well with most table mats.



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