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Apocalypse in Fredericksburg Virginia


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War is coming! What side will you be on?



I will be hosting an Apoc battle at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg Virginia on September 28th. The basic plan is we all meet up at GameVault starting at about 11am, get our respective armies set up, get teams sorted out and introductions made. Establish team captains and iron out any kinks that need ironing and then launch the battle starting at around noon. And either play till the end of the game, or wrap it up about midnight. Which ever comes first.


At present I'm planning on a 40,000 point game with 20,000 points on each side with points divided out as the team sees fit. So if you have 5 people on your team, and you want to bring 6,000 points and someone else wants to bring 2,000 points that's fine.


If you're interested in joining in on the battle send me a pm and I'll give you the info for the battle.

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