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Battle report: SW vs Space Marines

Wolf Priest Redbeard

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Me and a good friend of mine have had a battle series of three fights. The first one was a draw, in the
second one I was crushed and today we had our third.

There was a narrative were we both were searching for a alien artifact during the three fights. In the last

one we just decided that we were gonna play ”the relic” mission. Deployment was short table edges and I won the roll to choose.


My force was lead by my trusted Rune Priest with a pack of 8 GH with a WG attached.

Two more packs of 9 GH each with a WG in rhinos was my troops

A dreadnought with PC and 5 more WG with varius CC weapons, Combi Plasmas and a AC as elites. 1 pack of

LF with missiles and a Vindicator my heavy support. 1499 pts.


My buddy had 3 tactical squads, 1 ten man CC scout squad and 1 5 man sniper squad.

1 devastator squad with lascannons and heavy bolters. 1 terminator squad with assault cannon and a few

chainfists led by a Librarian i TDA with SS and foce axe.


He won the roll to go first and deployed. All marines split up into combat squads. My Chooser of the slain prevented him from getting         

scouts in any good position. Got to love that bird! My plan was fairly simple. Have the Vindicator out of sight from his lascannons and cover the

ground were the relic was laying. The LF had the same job. Get the GH to the relic and force him to get into a close quarter fight.

I rolled to sieze and how happy I was to see the 6 on my dice facing up!



rushed my rhinos up carefully seeking cover from the lascannons. My shooting ended in a big fat nothing. Night fighting made that happen.

In return he used his Librarian to cast Gates of Infinity and landed behind my vindicator. As this was the first time ever I used it I was
very sad by this. The Terminators opened up with all of their guns including a assault cannon. When the smoke cleared the vindicator had
lost 1 hullpoint and the Terminator Squad was bunched up nice and tight...


Turn 2

The Rhinos drove past the relic and dismounted 2 packs of GH. 1 Grabbing the relic and the other engaging the enemy. On one flank the third

pack also got out of the protecting armour of their transport. My RP let of a JOTWW killing 2 marines and 1 sniper. The rest of the pack
blew a combat squad to pieces with bolter fire. The Vindicator swung around together with the dreadnought and the TDA WG. A combination of
poor rolling and a lot of saves from the Librarian resulted in 3 dead Terminators. I decided to charge the remaining guys with my WG. Dice
were rolled and curses screamed as I passed 3 of 4 invulsaves on my part while instakilling his Librarian with my Chain fist and killing
the last 2 terminators aswell.

In his turn he almost wiped my flanking GH pack and killed a few of the guys in the RP pack. In a moment of bravery he decided to charge my

GH pack with 2 squads. Probably because he knew I would charge him next turn. I lost a single marine and killed everyone but the squad
leader who ran away.


Turn 3

At this point I knew this game was in the bag. I took the relic in my transport and started to retreat with it while my RP and his squad

just went berserk. Combined fire from my Dreadnought and LF killed what was left to threaten the Rhino the relic was in.

His outflanking scouts came in at the wrong part of the table and tried to shoot a rhino in the rear to no effect.


Turn 4.

Vindicator, LF and Dreadnought kill the last of the snipers and a combat squad. WG in TDA moves on the scouts and guns down 4. At this

point my friend has 6 scouts and 9 marines standing and calles the game.


victory for the Space Wolves!


My friend is a real sport and could have taken a mutch tougher list but he wanted to try out a all infantry list. His high risk, high reward
move against the Vindicator was a big misstake because it did not work but would have been cool if it did. The Relic was more or less
optimal for me and rolling that 6 to sieze probably won me the game.


Thanks for reading my ramblings :-)

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How did you equip your grey hunter squads?

I recently brought a similar list against Nids and got smashed in CC. All I had was power axe and powerfist on my WGPLs in TDA. Challenges made it difficult to bring their weapons where they were needed. It made me wish I had added more CC to my GHs by adding MotW or a power weapon.

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