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Minotaurs colour scheme; shoulderplates


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Okay, so I've recently started working on my little Minotaurs squad again; so far they're just the four Space Marine Captain models first released with the first edition of Apocalypse.




These buggers, that is. Now, I've recently started working on the lower-left lad with a Power Sword, personalized Bolter, and Mk VI Corvus Power Armour. Now, mine will have a helmet because I feel it fits the Minotaurs better, but what boggles me is the colour of the shoulderplates.


Generally, Minotaur armour is completely bronze, but the First Company has dark-red shoulderplates. Now, since these guys are Captain, they're clearly not part of the First Company save for the First Company Captain (which would be Asterion Moloc) but even HE is painted with bronze shoulderplates rather than red ones. So what now? Is it up to taste, or am I missing some sort of loophole here? I'll admit I'm sort of leaning towards painting at least one shoulderplate red, because it looks sort of boring with just bronze.

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the red pads are in general for Veterans.. though it does not specify 1st company.

Similar to the ultra marines (example of sicarius) captain and chapter masters generally just have normal colours on them (think ultramarine helms rather than pads).. of course using the master of the chapter models as another example.. some captains just dont care and wear white helmets like theyre some kind of 1st company badass.


personally ill be giving moloc a bronze left pad and a black "under" pad when i paint him up.. because his upper body has enough red on it with the cloak.. and his lower body has a lot of black.. balancing acts are fun.

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