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Games Day 2013 - Memphis: Open Category SILVER *UPDATE 8/20*


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I had a "Works in Progress" thread going, but got side-tracked and forgot to keep it updated.


So this was my entry into the Open Category of this year's Golden Demon competition. I won the bronze (*UPDATE* Silver). It was a good thing I went back around to take a peak at all the entries, because this was originally in the wrong category. Yikes!


I will definitely go back next year if it's in Memphis. Memphis is a city that leaves a bit to be desired, but Beale Street was great, and of course there's fantastic BBQ everywhere. The event was run very smoothly, and limiting the tickets to 1000 made it easy to participate in any and everything. Even the Forgeworld line was moving pretty quickly.


Anyway, here he is. I hope you enjoy!


IMAG0224 by jmcolbeck, on Flickr


IMAG0225 by jmcolbeck, on Flickr


IMAG0226 by jmcolbeck, on Flickr

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Thanks again, guys!

The metal is where I spent a lot of time. While the palette was relatively monochrome, I snuck a lot of greens and purples in the mix while shading the gold to give it a little extra depth. I then mirrored those colors in the base to tie it all together. The dead Salamander was just an attempt at contrast, and the judges seemed to like it. thanks.gif

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UPDATE: So it turns out the miniature that placed Gold in the Open category was entered by someone who didn't actually paint it. GW notified me yesterday that I will be receiving a Silver as a result. Interesting stroke of luck. I feel bad for the original painter of the winning entry, as he/she basically had their work stolen. (Yes, I believe the painter owns the paint job, even if someone else owns the model.)

Anyway, I'll update the thread to reflect that, even if it's unnecessary. woot.gif

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Oh man, thats just (sorry for maybe sounding really geeky) dishonorable, to enter a competition with a mini that person did not even paint him/herself. But congratulations, silver is definetly something you deserve for that paintjob!

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