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Making Army Lists


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               While as we all know at least the half senarios in Warhammer 40k are about objectives.  But as I was noticing some DC list (with even lack of scoring troops like assualt), I couldn't help to think "what if my list was made from the start to exterminate the enemy.

While many will say "wait isn't that the original goal?", one must consider that the "strategy" of winning the game (via objective or tabling or making him quit would be a third way), may affect your army list.

So, here are my questions :
1) Is there someone that uses the tabling "doctrine" ? If yes, please share a story/batrep or tactics about it.


2) How to do you write an Army List?

    What are your thoughts , ideas, plans when you make an army list?  It would be nice if we could collect a small archive with different ways of thinking that could teach new players and allow old players to evolve. 



            I will attempt to answer the second question for how I work so far.  It seems that there are two choices before you start your army list.
      1) Will your army be good in one thing  (CC, shooting ...etc)  that you will try to overwelm your opponent ? or

      2) Will you try to make an swish knife army, having an answer for every enemy unit (Infantry, Heavy infantry, Vehicle (Light and Heavy), Flyers).

      Most of my list go for the number 2 strategy.   You might not always have what it needs to kill 20+ death wing terminators (which would be a good number 1 strategy example), but you can attempt to kill stuff with let's say one or two stearn guard units.

      As I go for objectives having 2 Assaults is important. Meltagun is an auto include for tournie lists as it kills Armor (Tanks) and Heavy Infantry alike (which I think we might lack answers to that some times). But I also like taking a 3rd troop choice. That is usually a Tactical squat, which is designed for babysitting.

      After that I try to continue the swish knife idea with varient troops  as  Vindicators, Stearnguards, MMAB that can perform well different tasks (killing different targets).



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