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Serious delemma

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So, here we are. The ETL is over. My models have been painted. There's still many a box of unopened (and opened) Marines to work on. But the new codex is only a few weeks away... How do I decide what to work on for the time being? I think every one of my normal deciding factors had been squashed... I can't work on expanding my army points.... Because I don't know what will be legal. I can't work on "my newest toy" because GW hasn't released it yet.


I need direction!!!! Emperor guide me, and send me thy orders.

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Staple boltergun tactical bodies will not be changed... so you can probably play it safe there :)


I would save 10-15 bodies "just in case" you have to redo some veterans or whatnot...but besides that, tacticals is a safe way to go.


Same with rhino, though you should plan to be able to swap the top hatches for razorback use.


Hope it helps!

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