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Some new Assault Marines with more Dynamic Poses


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I've had some Assault Marines that have been waiting for completion for quite some time, but I couldn't get too excited about them because the generic Assault Marine seems so relatively weak and the poses we just a little boring.

Well, I had lots of bits left over from various projects, so I thought I might try my hand at just a little more dynamic poses. So with hobby knives, cutters, cyanoacrylate and plastic weld cement lined up, I began chopping, filing, pinning, and gluing in earnest.

First up is my nominal Sergeant, a failcast Vanguard Veteran whose original arms and weapon was absolutely unusable. I added a sligtly modified storm shield with home made Lion symbol to a left Bolter Pistol arm, modified a Sanguinary guard sword to represent a Relic Blade, and attached it to a modifed Sanguinary guard right arm. Normal left shoulder pad and a modified Sang guard right shoulder pad and presto.

I'll probably paint this model to be usable as either a Sergeant, a Vanguard trooper, and if I magnetize the jump pack, maybe even an Honor Guard member.




The next Marine consists of left over Sang guard legs, modified slightly, added to a normal chest piece, helm, and left arm. The right arm position was modified to be a little more fluid and make sure the chainsword cleared the jump pack. I like to prime with white because it shows my modeling mistakes (such as the missed mold lines here) a little more boldly.



the right forearm and wrist also needs work msn-wink.gif


This one was fairly easy. Sang guard legs, left chainsword arm, slightly modified right Bolt Pistol arm, Standard chest and Space Wolf Helm.


again, I'll have to fix his right arm and bolt pistol before first color coat of paint.


A little Greenstuff was added under the foot to change the angle of the legs to simulate running.


the next Marine I tried to simulate striding into a right slash with his chainsaw. Again, Sang guard legs with angle to the base changed, standard torso and left arm, Space Wolf helm and normal shoulder pads. The right arm modified in two places, at shoulder and wrist.



Now I wish I had more bits smile.png

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I like the one with the sword over the shoulder a lot, just wondering if you can still get a jump pack in there.

yeah, it was a problem, one of the reasons I had to cut the arm at the wrist was to move the angle of the sword out just a little.  I glued the arm in place with a Jump Pack held in position so as to have clearance.

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ok, the first stage of painting is done, so I thought I'd post an update. No pics of the sergeant / vanguard yet as he is not as far along. Still to be done is wash for all the gunmetal areas, detail on weapons and attachments, and unit markings.

I'll probably put these three in the front of the formation








much still to do, including magnetizing Jump Packs and regular back packs, and sergeant D'artagnan needs to join them.

Comments and criticisms welcome.

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