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thunder and fenrisian wolves


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So i come cap in hand to the fang, its a wee bit colder than macragge, except those few years i served at the polar fortress of course.


im here looking for directions to decent painting tutorials for the wolves of fenris.. specifically fenrisian wolves and thunderwolves.

The project im working on is actually chaos fantasy, but im using the 40k models which look pretty awesome.


every tutorial ive seen so far uses air spray machine thingies, and i dont have one.. i paint everything by hand (well brush anyway).. so im looking for something along those lines.


oh and snow themed, i refer greyer wolves to brown ones.


many thanks guys, next ale is on me... ive never been a fan of wine anyway

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While it's your preference, I'll just quickly mention that even grey wolves have some color to their coats, usually in the brown or light tan range. With that, I guess I can tell you how I did mine.


Not the best picture, but it'll work for this.

I generally don't go pure black for my darker shadows, so for this I based the model with adeptus mechanicus grey, then drybrushed/highlighted up to I believe dawnstone. If it got too bright in some areas, I went back and washed it with dilluted eshin grey.

On the spine ridge, I made a wash from 1:1:1 nuln oil, asurmen blue, and P3 coal black.

The reason I would recommend not avoiding some hints of brown (even if you mix some earthshade into your blackwash) is because nothing in nature is monochromatic. Adding a touch of color will help it come to life and feel more natural.

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Wolves are pretty easy, Prime, then do your base coat, which if you're going with a dark main color can be a prime black. Follow up with a heavy drybrush of your main color followed by another light dry brush of your highlight color.  Then finish with any marking colors such as a white tipped tail. then do your detail work such as eyes and teeth. 


If you're not familiar with dry brushing techniques, there are many available on the net. 

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max which 3 colours, i started the assembly of my wolves last night. Got them undercoated black, i assume you dry brushed a grey and a white? then just did the details.

Black prime, heavy overbrush gray, than wash black, drybrush gray, drybrush white, blackwash over the front shoulders and than a light highlight with gray on that past, and than the details

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