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Just a quick Question / Pitching an idea!


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Im currently in the process of making a Marines Malevolent army abot 2000 points worth, Im trying to get some fluffyness about them, and i feel their whole hate / agression vibe would fit perfectly as a death company style army, I wouldnt go all out with upgrades due to wanting to keep them slightly alligned with the little bit of cannon i can work with.


Im just wondering if anyone could shed some light on a blood angels army play styles with a heavy death company aspect that would be great, I've really only played vanilla SM.


Or if you think its a bad idea! Let me know and ill try something else! :P


Thanks for reading.



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Templar-like lists would probably be better. The Marines Malevolent are not about rage, they are about hate and overwhelming firepower.


A list full of bolters, chainswords and artillery, with no Librarians, would be your best bet.

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