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Angelveto embarks upon a pennance crusade!


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Greetings brothers. Congratulations on the crushing victory of the ETL! I've finally finished settling down and have decided to embark on a crusade to absolve me of my sins against my frater. I have marked myself to aid in striking terror into the hearts of my enemies! I shall cleanse this new sector and report back to you all at each conquest!


(They say first impressions are the lasting ones and so I decided to use that to my advantage! )



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I may have misunderstood, but tell me are you planning to emblazon (tattoo) a DA symbol on the side of your head?

If this is part of your perceived penance, it is not necessary brother, your sins were not that grave. If however this is purely for cosmetic reasons, then by all means it is entirely your choice. My advice, don't use UV ink, it reacts with UV rays from the sun tongue.png

Whatever you are up to, it is intriguing!

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