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The Death Company, Fearless, and Terrify


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First, a bit of background.


Terrify - BRB, p423


Terrify is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". The target receives no benefit from the Fearless special rule and treats all enemy units as having the Fear special rule for the power's duration. Furthermore, it must immediately take a moral check.


Red Thirst - C:BA, p23


... On a score of 1, one or more members have succumbed to the red thirst and the entire squad is treated as having Furious Charge and Fearless special rules instead of the And They Shall Know No Fear for the remainder of the game.




Death Company which are Fearless and any unit that has Red Thirst no longer has ATSKNF for that game. Therefore if Terrify is cast on them they are subject to fear, can be destroyed in sweeping advances and will not automatically regroup. Is this correct?


If it is and the unit is broken, what happens when Terrify is no longer active (assuming it only lasts one game turn)? Do they have to test to regroup using the normal regroup rules?

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RAW is clear.


They no longer have ATSKNF


Terrify removes fearless (which replaced ATSKNF)


If the unit then has to take a morale check for any reason, they are treated as any other unit (that doesn't have ATSKNF or Fearless)


Therefore, they could in theory, be run down by a sweeping advance etc.


However, as soon as Terrify ends, the unit will regain fearless and auto-rally at the start of their next turn.  However, unlike a unit with ATSKNF, they won't get the "may act normally" bonus that is included in that special rule - they'll consolidate then act like any normal (non-ATSKNF) unit that has rallied at the start of the turn.


A unit with fearless is considered to pass any pinning, fear and regroup tests and Morale checks they are required to make. (BRB page 35 - fearless)

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