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Wordbearers - Forgeworld MkII Assault Marine

Stumpy Heaven

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First of 10 of these wonderful models that I've finished painting.  However, while the sculpts are great the models are tricky to assemble basically every piece has had to be pinned to get them to fit (my superglue seems to hate Resin for some reason).  Also provided comparison shot with a MkIII armoured marine I completed earlier in the year.  Cork base still needs some washing/drybrushing on it as its a bit bland but otherwise Im happy with it.  Symbols on the black shoulder guards represent different squads in my Company and helps me tell them apart - as CSM as supposed to be evil the symbols were taken from SS Divisional symbols from the 2nd World War.



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Concerning the superglue, are you washing your stuff in warm soapy water prior to assembly? It's possible, likely even, that there's mold release agent still on the resin that is interfering with the glue.

In regards to your models, :tu: , well done




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