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Grey Hunter WYSIWYG Question...


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I am building my first Space Wolf army. I want to make sure that when I build my army that my models follow the WYSIWYG "rule" incase I eventually play in any local tournaments. 


My question is about Grey Hunter load-outs. Grey Hunters are equipped with bolt pistols or bolters and a CC weapon.

When I build my models do bolters and CC weapons have to be present on the model to be WYSIWYG legal? I ask the question because, in pictures I see, there are Grey Hunters in the classic "Space Marine" two handed bolter pose, but I see no CC weapon on the model. Is a model like this WYSIWYG legal? I thought that since the model was part of a Grey Wolf pack that it having a CC weapon might be implied. 


Thanks for your help!

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The only time I find WYSIWYG really matters is for purchased wargear, as Grey hunters come with Bolter/pistol/sword as standard, it doesn't matter too much, as the bolters are present they are clearly distinguishable from blood claws, so it isn't that important for them to be modeled with all three.


The easiest way to understand tournament WYSIWYG, is that no marines are modeled with grenades.

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WYSIWYG was created long ago to ensure that there would be minimal confusion between players.  Since all Hunters come standard with Bolters, Bolt Pistols, and a CCW, there is no confusion as to how they are armed.  So, you can model them however you wish between those three weapons, or any combinations between the three.  The only time WYSIWYG comes into play is for options; any Hunter that upgrades or changes from the standard needs to show the new/different wargear option.  For example, if you trade in a Bolter on one for a Meltagun, then you need to show a Meltagun on that model - he still has his Bolter, CCW, and grenades, though, even if you haven't bothered to model them.



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