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A question on Lahmian Medium and metallics


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Hey all!

I recently got back into the swing of painting up my Night Lords and started by buying into the new Citadel paints. So far, I'm liking them a lot. I do have a question about the metallics, though. Obviously, metallics have to be thinned out just like any other paint, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting a good ratio of paint to medium. With normal paint, I usually do a 2:1 paint/water for TTQ minis. I tried this with the Lahmian Medium and Gehenna's Gold, and it was still too thick. Tried adding another drop, now it's too thin :P I've been playing with it for a bit, but it seems I can't find that "perfect medium" between too thick and too runny. You guys have any tips? Perhaps throwing a 1:1:2 water/medium/paint ratio? I used to just dump matte medium into my metallic paint pots and thin them like that (which worked pretty well) but because I don't have a lot of experience with the new range, I'm a bit hesitant on using my old thinning technique. Think that would work? Any tips would be appreciated :D


Cheers ^_^


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