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Sgt melee weapon Upgrades


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The Unit entry says that the SGT or V SGT may take itemS from the melee weapons list. 


The Melee weapons list says that you may replace his bolt pistol and/ or melee weapon with one of the following:



Does this mean;

A. you may replace both the melee weapon and bolt pistol with any two of the items on that list

B. you may replace either weapon with only one of the items from the melee weapon list. 


I'm thinking about equipping a Sgt. with double power fists for cool factor. I'm not sure its legal. 


My thoughts,

Since the unit entry says itemS that means he can take multiple. I'm not sure they intended it that way because the competitive build would be thunder hammer and lightening claw.

Yes I know I could just put a plasma pistol and a power fist on him. Double power fist is cool though.




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It says Ranged and Melee weapons

Both lists say "replace their bolt pistol or close combat weapons with..."


You may replace the Bolt Pistol with a weapon from either of the lists.


You may replace the CCW with a weapon from either of the lists.


So a Sergeant with 2 Grav Pistols perhaps.

or Power Fist + Lightning Claw

or Plasma Pistol + Power Axe

or Combi-plasma + Combi-melta

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