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SM Champions & Challenges

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In the latest edition of Codex: Space Marines, we are told that Chapter and Company Champions "must always issue and accept challenges whenever possible." Does this mean that if, say, Barneus Trafalgar of the Omega Marines has joined a squad of Honour Guard that is subsequently charging/charged by some nasty Death Star Of Doom, the Champion must issue/accept the challenge, with no chance for Barneus to join in until he has a chance to do a Heroic Intervention?


I know "must always" is very strong language, but I was wondering if there might be a way out, so to speak, especially since an Independant Character is more likely to not only survive, but also slay, the enemy, compared to a "lowly" Champion.

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If you have 2 characters in a unit and one must issue a challenge then the other cannot.


So Mr Trafalgar in your example will have to wait until the champion is dead or his next assault phase rolls around so he can attempt an glorious intervention.


If you have multiple characters in the same unit that must issue/accept a challenge then you get to choose between them as only one may be in a challenge at a time. (Chaos Marines being the obvious example)


Sorry but there is 'no way out' of "must always" except maybe if the enemy unit has no characters.

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