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Leviticus Crusade: CM Furious

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hello fellow crusading brethren


I have for you viewing pleasure a marshal that i have been in the process of building


2013 09 09 18.37.19


2013 09 09 18.37.29


2013 09 09 18.37.38


2013 09 09 18.37.45


2013 09 09 18.38.13


I've used the new stern guard kit as my base, the sword is from the grey knight kit

and i have a few bits from the Black Templar upgrade kit as well. 

Progress will be slow because of college. 




CM Furious 

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All I'm going to say is that much awesome must not experience slow progress. He needs to get done so some righteous smitin' can proceed.


I very much like that conversion. Lots of attitude, er zeal. He's definitely saying to me, "you're dead, you just don't know it yet."


Well done, brother!

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Thank you all for your kind words Brothers! well the idea is to slap some paint on him sometime this week in time for some awesome games.

also i've kitted him out with some Chapter Relic's ;  the Burning Blade, and the Armour of Indomitus. So he's going to be pretty awesome on the 

battle field 

anyways look forward to the next update


CM Furious

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  • 2 weeks later...

2013 09 25 18.57.34


I thought I start off my update with the man himself looking bad ass


here is some more picture of Marshal Thalhaiden 


2013 09 25 18.57.09


2013 09 25 18.56.11


2013 09 25 18.56.29


2013 09 25 18.56.42


and here is a landraider I've been working on as well 


2013 09 25 19.00.27


well thats all I got right now I'll see you all in the next update 


CM furious 

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The Marshal turned out quite well overall.  You did an especially tasty job on the face.  I've only managed to get good looking eyes on a model maybe 1 or 2 times in all my years of painting. :teehee:


However, the highlights of the black are relatively a touch sloppy, and could use some cleaning up/sharpening.  Luckily that's fairly easy to do- just take some black and 'push' the highlights you already have into tighter lines.  Gotta get some heraldry on that shoulder and scripture on those strips, too.

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I imagine him coming out of his transport like that and saying, "You heretics done goofed."

That elicited a guffaw out of me so thunderous, it caused my dog to freak out and start barking. Well done sir.


The marshal turned out quite well indeed, you should be proud brother!

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Wow, he turned out ace, and you did an excellent job on his face. If that isn't the face of someone who's going to send you to the Emperor in a most painful way, then I don't know what is.



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  • 3 weeks later...

hey back again some more progress on my crusade. 


below is a test min of the new tac kit with some bits from the upgrade kit. 


2013 10 14 21.04.50


2013 10 14 20.53.28

also here is another sword brother sterngurad 

2013 10 14 21.04.13

thats its for now, look forward to more progress 
CM Furious 


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 @Firepower: High lighting is still a new thing for me, but it has gotten a lot better than what it was before. 

I do paint my models fully assembled, i know that there are many benefits to painting a model

not fully assembled, but for future models i think ill Implement that for sure. and thanks again for the feed back. :)

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When it comes to Marines, there are always two things that I paint separately- the head, and the shoulders. Especially the shoulders. Just put a greenstuff blob on the inside and stick it on the end of a spare bit of sprue. Makes things like freehand heraldry soooo much easier. Occasionally I'll do one or two arms before connecting them to the model, if they would've been at awkward angles for painting fully assembled. Bolters are always painted separately, I just don't ever use them on my Templars.


Well, I did once, but I was young and reckless! :laugh.:


Remember, it's easy to go back and smooth/thin highlights by simply reapplying black wherever the gray wanders off.


Have you the proper 'posture' though? Hands locked against one another at the wrist, and elbows against a sturdy surface like your desk or knees? It's the best way to minimize hand tremors :wink:

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  • 1 month later...

hello Brother! 


As I've just risen from the abyss that is college Exams, I've made some progress on my crusade. 


2013 11 25 20.21.51


My Sterngurad squad is complete as you  can see 


2013 11 25 20.22.30


2013 11 25 20.23.07


2013 11 25 20.23.25


and three new guys i've added. Also i have done up a rhino. 


2013 12 02 19.30.52


2013 12 02 19.30.56


2013 12 02 19.31.08


and although he's not a new addition to my crusade, this is my Mrk I Marshal Thalhaiden 


2013 11 25 20.26.21


2013 11 25 20.26.33

anyways thats it for now, I am currently working on my last 10 man crusader squad, 
and also prepping for a game against my friend who plays necrons, which will be intresting :P
stay tuned for the next update 
CM Furious 
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  • 3 months later...

Hey all! 


so it's been a while since made any sort of post in any of my threads. 


But I do have my Imperial Knight that I've put together to show off


2014 03 12 14.47.10


2014 03 12 14.46.07


Do have many angles on this bad boy, but when i have the time to set up my 

light box ill have more awesome pics to sure


thats it for now catch you all in the next post 


CM Furious

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  • 4 months later...

so i've been working on some new things here and there for my Crusade, as my attention as been focusing on my 

Grey Knights. So here some things at I've been working on: 


2014 08 18 18.34.30


2014 08 18 18.34.47


2014 08 18 18.39.03

New Razorback (no Black Templar army is complete without one or two :tongue.:)

I've also got the forgeworld Black Templar Bundle, so I've been able to spice 

up some of my vehicles and units in my army


2014 08 18 18.37.06

Ive also added on these very nice Storm Shields on my ThunderHammer Terminators


and lastly i've also been able to add a few cool things to my Knight in order to make it 

more well suited for my crusade


2014 08 18 18.40.41


2014 08 18 18.42.02


2014 08 18 18.42.10


2014 08 18 18.40.52

Anyways thats it for now, I do have a bit of a to-get list for my Crusade
which include Vanguard Vets and a Whirlwind, but like i mentioned, progress 
might be slow because of those pesky Grey Knight :tongue.:
CM Furious
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  • 9 months later...

Hello Brothers! 


so just a mini update on the (very slow) progress of my Crusade. I've recently bought a Vanguard squad and here's the first marine painted up


2015 05 22 16.00.46


2015 05 22 16.00.25


2015 05 22 16.00.19


2015 05 22 15.59.45


again i still have the other four members of the squad to finish, so look forward for more updates!



CM Furious



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Very fine work brother! Have you pledged your support in the painting competition that is going on now called the ETL?  If not you should consider doing so. Make your chapter proud and push us to victory!


Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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