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Hi just thought i would introduce myself my name is Bagsy and I collect Blood Angels. I currently live in Cornwall UK and thought i would have a go at joining the forum as i have been browsing a couple of times and liekd what i saw.


I have a few models a majority still need painting and might well post some WIP pics and see how it goes from there i also have Dark Vengence but so far have only managed to paint 3 models.....Balthasar, Turmiel and Vet Sgt Raphael (again will try and post some pics) 


I may also be interested in having a few games if anyone else lives down here in the deepest darkest!!! although it would mean doing some serious making and painting :)  and must confess that i am not really clued up on all the rules so may have to bear with me.


Anyho hope to chat soon


All the best



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