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Ways to go against Grimoire+Tzeentch Daemon?


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Well, I meet a lot of Daemon players at my local gaming place, and they tend to go with mass MCs or Herald w/ Grimoire + FMC and/or Fateweaver.


Mass MCs are one thing, but almost army-wide 4++ (via Psychic)+reroll 1s (Tzeentch thing I think)+Grimoire to make FMC or close attack heavy-hitters 2++ <- this I cannot win.


Tzeentch Psychic that wrecks my vehicles (S6 A4d6 or something? I'm not sure) doesn't help either. 


Fellow, more experienced players, which card should I play? I have not collected enough models to pour mass small-fire wounds. Get some barricade or something? Should I just ignore 2++ at all and focus on brining down Herald w/ Grimoire (which is behind like, 20 mobs of Horrors?

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Split your army into 2 halves with a solid shooting capacity in each. The Daemon player will have to clump up to take advantage of those sneaky tricks and obviously can't be everywhere. You can pour fire into your opponent's army as he goes for one half.
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