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Kickstarter Living Dungeon Sci-fi 3D. Perfect for Space Hulk


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Hi Guys and Gals 


We've just released our new Kickstarter Living Dungeon Set 02 Sci-fi 3D. 


The base set consists of both a 2D or 3D option boasting 24 flat tiles or 30 3D sections, respectfully. All in a Print and Play format. 

We're well on our way to hitting our Goal, with Stretch goals close to follow. 


Stretch Goals include two levels of extra detailing and further down the line 3D extras that can be used in either set. 


Add Ons will include awesome Science Lab Sections inc 3D tarrain and later an External Wall set so that the 3D set can be used in any table top wargame. 



Thanks for looking 



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