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How to field the Stormraven?


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Hi all,


I'm in the middle of building and painting my first Terminator and Strike squads, which will eventually develop into a full army. One of the things that is giving me a bit of pause is the Storm Raven - I have one, and I'm not sure how to use it to get the most out of it. My lack of experience with Grey Knights made me want to come to the experts!


I've looked at a couple of builds, and I can't decide which would be the most useful:


Option 1:

Storm Raven with Multi-Melta, Assault Cannon, Hurricane Bolters and Psybolts

= 255 points


Option 2:

Storm Raven with Multi-Melta and Lascannon

= 205 points


Option 3:

Allied Iron Hands Storm Raven with Multi-Melta and Lascannon

= 200 points + the cost of a worthwhile allied HQ and Troops choice



All three seem to have merit in my view, mainly for different roles.

Option 1 is very pricey, but having (in practice) another Psycannon never hurts, and perhaps the 6 Strength 5 twin linked Bolters could help out against lighter flyers, as well as increasing its effectiveness against ground targets once the skies are clear.

Option 2 is cheaper, (50 points it not to be sniffed at!). I suppose this is the edition of cheap and cheerful at the moment.

There's no denying that Option 3 would have a lot more output against other heavy Flyers for the first two turns after it arrives (their missiles are just nice!), and It Will Not Die is just plain nasty.


I also have a small Imperial Guard contingent which I would like to ally in at larger point games, so I'm leaning away from the Iro hands one at the moment.


Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you

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I run mine with TLMM and TLAC and if points allow, i add Psybolts, but i dont use the Hurricanes. I use it as a solid anti-air / air superiority, unless Eldar are on the table cause good luck there....  the turret AC can fire in any direction and statisticly has better chance to cause multiple Hull Point loss than the LC, and its also statistically better at AV14 once the enemy air contingent is gone, and better against infantry than the LC due to more shots. But you definately want to come in after the enemy flyer, cause of the limited arc of the MM.

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I run a naked Raven with the Multi-Melta and Lascannons. I also stick a squad of Purifiers in it. A lot of points in one basket and a risky way of operating but I like it. Kill flyers when you come on, taking two turns if you must, then drop some of our deadliest melee fighters right on the enemy's head in the closing stages of the game where they can snatch a last minute victory.
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Dakka Raven for the win... 


255 pts for TLMM (becasue its the best single anti-air gun in the game) TLAC, H. Bolters (Psybolts) 

This thing thows down alot of shots but still retains the potential the be an air superiority threat.  I know GK struggle to bring Las Cannons to the field but If you are going to be paying for Psybolts, stick with the AC and get your las from Godhamer Landraiders.


If you want Anti-Tank ally in a SM/BA raven, but if your taking a GK raven play to your strengeths and Psybolt it out.  A GK Dakka Raven is a Night Scythe's worst nightmare....  And pretty good at taking out the other AV12 flyers,  specially if you can turret the back armor. 

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When I build mine, it will be SM and sport TLLC, typhoon ML, and with the wing missiles will have the most longest/strongest anti-air shots as I can. I'd deploy it empty or with a dreadnaught if there is little to no Anti air. I don't want to put my SR within 12" or 24" of much of anything. Plus, I want as much distance as I can get so I can get as many side/rear shots as the flier can get.


However, if the TL-AC is truely too good to live without(for dogfighting), then I'd have a coupe of miniguns to go with my but load of missiles and come out of the exchange with a few more shots.

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I opted for magnetizing all of the options, and have played most of them. TLLC and Typhoon is my favorite so far for dog fighting, anti-tank/anti-MC, while still having decent anti-infantry via frag, all in a fairly cheap package. However, the Psybolt armed Hurricane, TL AC, TL MM is a beast that only GK can field, making it a great option too.



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Knights don't need anti-infantry usually, its vehicles and 2+ saves we have problems with (MC's we can handle in melee). That's why I take twin multi-melta and twin lascannon on Ravens. The lascannon is for times when you get rear/side armour on the enemy and wanna tag something on the other side of their DZ, using the multi-melta on the closer target. AC just seems redundant, we have storm bolter and psycannon galore, its true anti-tank we lack. 


I like the dakka Raven, but you're paying Landraider prices for something that won't be as durable usually (even with Snap Shots, AV12 is only so tough). 

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It's only statistically better if you are in range. I've been out of 24" with Ravens before, its frustrating. Vendettas never care, that's the freedom of mobile 48" guns. I've tried both, found lascannon more useful. I'm aware you cause more HP damage with a twin-AC. 

If you're taking the AC, might as well splurge out for Hurricanes and psybolts. With more and more infantry in 6th edition lists instead of mech, I'm liking the dakka Raven more. Still dies to a lucky Icarus or Vendettas, but it's fun and wrecks infantry. 

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