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Troops on battlements and blast weapons

The Librarian

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If troops on the battlements are targeted by blast weapons, is the building always hit as well?


In a way the blast hits the battlements that are treated as being separate from the building itself and simply act as cover with no armour value (-> faq).

But one could also argue that the marker is over the building as well.


The other way around, if the building is targeted and the marker ends up over the building and the troop on the battlements are both hit or only the building?


With ruins you need to target a specific level, so one might argue that the blast can only hit the troops or the building depending on which level or in this case which declared target it was aimed at.

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Issue 1: Just because a building cannot be targeted, that doesn't mean it cannot be hurt. Damage the building as normal, but it gets a cover save if the point of impact is out of LoS due to battlements and the weapon is not Barrage.


Issue 2: Buildings don't have "levels", so if you shoot a Fortress of Redemption's tower, with infantry on top of the tower, lower battlements, and ground floor outside somehow squeezed under the template, you hit all three units plus both the tower and lower sections. Boom!

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