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Finally started my own plague host


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Hello everyone!


I finally managed put loyalists into hiatus and started my own plague host. I had like a year death guard upgrade kits for terminators and two sets for warriors sitting on shelf and I finally managed to start with them. However I have a bit problem how to proceed. I want to have army that is based on strongly on fluff but is also playable. 


As deathguard is mainly footslogging army, I wonder should I go for rhino's or not? I basically had idea taking two 2x10 warriors each with rhino's (with havock launchers and dirge casters) and place lots of nurgling's on them as per fluff most deathguard vehicles have either corroded away or cheesy nurglings have stolen them. I was just wondering how do rhino's work for pure Deathguard / Nurgle lists? Any suggestions? Any ideas? Maybe go for Chaos Lord on bike instead Terminator armor? Might be slightly more survivable in this time of gravity weapons...


While I know Helbrutes are considered unplayable / poor / utter crap by some, I really like the Forge Worlds model so I want to at least paint one with Reaper auto cannons.


But man... I never realized how much Green stuff nurgle army is taking. I have done now 5 terminators, 2 lords in terminator armor and finishing my autocannon havocks and they have gulped so much green stuff I need to get more...


Anyway here's so far what I've managed to do. Bases are temporary as I am waiting resin bases and basing kit that has slightly delayed.


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Welcome to the embrace of grandfather nurgle!


First off I quite like your terminators. They look pretty gruesome and the rust effect is really nice.


And yes they do consume their fair share of greenstuff, I think I´ve been through 5 sets of greenstuff already so far with the nurgle part of my army.


If you really like the Helbrute and want to go for rhinos, I suppose it could work (not competetive) if you play numerous vehicles to increase the armor saturation. 


The problem is that dreadnoughts in general have become a lot weaker than in 5th, but if you are playing a fluffy list, why not just play things you like. It´s always more fun winning with underdog units ;).


Playing 10 man Squads of Plague Marines is generally considered a waste. Playing them in 7´s would be fluffy and in 5´s with 2 special weapons would be efficient.


The Termi lord in general fares off worse than a biker lord, who is mobile aswell as being T 6 and as you have said not being as bad against the coming grav spam.


Termi Squads themselves are best off as small Termicide squads loaded up with either combi-plasma or combi-melter depending on the lists you face. 

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Yeah, I plan to get either 1 x 14 plague marines or 2 x 7. Depending list. But main thing is that I plan to run plague marines something divided by 7... just to please Big Papa N. I am just thinking if I should go for rhino's or not... I mean they're not durable and rather expensive if you take necessary goodness and even more if you take fluffy goodness (idea of Rhino eating one of the troopers to generate hull point makes me smile though)


Whole idea whether run rhino's or not, will decide if I go each necessary kits to build army, or shall I start with Chaos Battle Force. But bikes definitely. I am personally just sucker for Dreadnoughts and Terminators personally...

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