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Bellum Aeternus: Currus Belli

The Shadow Guard

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The Sons of the Lion collectively known as the Unforgiven celebrate the recent update of the Codex Astartes. In recognition of the great deeds of Rouboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines legion, Regent of Ultramar and father of the Codex Astartes, we the Sons of the Lion, descendants of the first legion challenge all the Sons of Guilliman to our challenge Currus Belli, the Chariots of War!







Who can participate:

Anyone can participate on either side (or both if you so wish) but you may only submit armoured vehicles painted in the colours of Ultramarines, the official successors or your own DIY successors on the one side and the Dark Angels, the offivial successor chapters or your own DIY successors on the other side.

How to enter the competition:

On the 1st of November a specific thread will be openen in the Ultramarine forum and the Dark Angels Forum only. Once this occurs you can post your oaths there. Until then start building your tanks. You have three weeks.

To make an oath on the 1st of November, once the new thread is opened, you simply make a post with the starting image of your vehicle/s. The first post may be of the vehicle in any state of completion from just the sprues up to a fully completed vehicle with an undercoat. Only a single colour undercoat is allowed at the time of entry.

Chapter or Legion:

You may paint your vehicles in chater colours or the two legion colours. It's entirely your choice.

Duration: Two Months.

Number of oaths:

Two Oaths Maximum: There is only one eadline, the 5th of January.

Those who complete their first oath can make a second one.

You may make your oaths commencing on the 1st of November

You may submit as many vehicles as you wish for each oath.

Painting Content:

Only Tracked armoured vehicles from Warhammer 40K and Apocalypse 40K as well as Horus Heresy Range:

SM Vehicles only.

Can be painted in Chapter or Legion livery

Starting point should be no more than undercoating of the vehicle.


Simple point system as below.

Award 1 Point for vehicles based on the Rhino Chassis:

Rhino variants (MkIIc, MkIII),

Razorback & Variants,

Predator: Destructor, Annihilator, Executioner, Infernus


Whirlwing: Standard, Hyperios, Scorpius

Hunter Anti Aircraft Tank

Stalker Anti Aircraft Tank

Damocles Command vehicle

Award 2 Points for vehicles based on the Land Raider Chassis:

Land raider Proteus & Armoured proteus

Land Raider MkIIB

Land Raider III Phobos

Land Raider Crusader

Land Raider Helios

Land Raider Prometheus

Land Raider Ares (Brother Bishop's semi official version)

Land Raider Redeemer

Land Raider Terminus Ultra

Land Raider Achilles

Award 4 points for the following large armoured vehicles

Spartan Assault Tank

Sicaran Battle tank

Sicaran venator

Malcador battle Tank and variants (cosidered second generation baneblades)

Macharius battle Tank and variants (cosidered second generation baneblades)

Award 5 points for the following Super Heavy armoured vehicles:

Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer

Award 6 points for the following Super Heavy armoured vehicles:
Legion Glaive

Legion Fell Blade

Baneblade and variants


Time Line:
FRI 11 October: Stat building your tanks!

FRI 1 November 2013: Acceptance of oaths

SUN 5 January 2014: End date

Any scion of ultramar completing 10 or mor epoints will receive a Pearl of Ultramar to commemmorate their success.


Sons of Guilliman! Scions of Ultramar! 

Will you face the vaunted Sons of the Lion?

Will you pick uo the Gauntlet?

Will you face your brothers?



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Alright then... it's all happening now.. Captain Semper has unleashed the Loyalty & Treachery Event which you can see here. Loyalty & Treachery The important factor is that if you plan your participation well, then you can submit the same armoured kits that you make here also for the L&T event thus killing two birds with one stone.... or two awards with one modle/s... :)



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+ + + To The Vitcor The Spoils: The Pearl of Ultramar! + + +


The days draws closer when you must make your oaths of moment and test your skill and courage against your brothers of the First Legion. The stakes for the event just became higher!


We participate for the honour of the legion, the progeny of the Guilliman and the name of our Primarch.

The prize for victory is Honour and Glory! .....

.... and The Pearl of Ultramar



The Pearl of Ultramar will be will be presented as a 100 x 100 badge.

The Pearl of Ultramar will be awarded only to those honoured battle brothers who belong to the winning faction who have completed their oaths!

Only ONE Faction will have the honour of wearing this badge of honour! Which One??

+ + + HONOUR + + + COURAGE + + + SKILL + + + TACTICAL ACUMEN + + +

Which Sons Shall prevail?

The First or the Thirteenth?

The Green or the Blue?

The Children of Caliban or the Children of Maccragge?

The Sons of the Lion or the Sons of Guilliman?

Come the First of November

Let slip your chariots of War!

Honour & Courage!


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+ + + Oaths of Moment! + + +




You may now make your Oaths of Moment for Ultramarine Legion, Chapter and successor chapters in the following thread in the Ultramarines Forum: Currus Belli Ultramarine 

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The sand sof time are running out fast and as you prpare for the holiday and festive season also remmeber the words.... Courgae and Honour! For your primarch and the emperor do not let the Sons of the Lion have a free reign in this contest.


Sons of Gulliman: Total participants: 4 Total Points Pledged: 14 Total Points Completed: 00: Total Vehicles Pledged: 13 Total vehicles Completed: 00

+ + + DAYS REMAINING 13 + + +

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