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servo arm and boarding shield


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Hey guys quick rules question.



I was thinking of giving my Iron Father a boarding shield, now he already has a servo arm as part of his wargear which allows him to make an additional single attack per turn, as well as any any they are eligible to make. The boarding shield means he can not claim the extra attack for being armed with an additional close combat weapon. Does this effect the servo arms attack?

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As far as I know - it doesn't, it's designed for your 'normal' guy with only two arms to carry things, thus they can't use their shield arm to attack with - however an Iron Father or Forge Lord have their Servo-Arm (or Harness) which won't be affected - in the same way that Ferrus has multiple guns strapped to his Servo-Harness :) at least imo - if you ping FW an email query they're pretty quick to reply, or message them on FB and they'll answer it :)
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