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Siege Vanguards - any in the house?


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Howdy folks,


Just currently putting my Sons of Medusa siege force together and wondering how many vanguard players we have on the forum.


With the new marine codex dropping, I'm expecting to see a renewed interest.


Tell me I'm not the only one... :)

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I've played with the siege vanguard list only a few times, but I hope to eventually get some more games in when I have a better selection of models specific to the list.


A few things I noticed are that Tacticals with Siege Mantles are great at holding and defending objectives in your deployment zone, or advancing towards an objective that's no more than 12" outside your deployment zone. 4 heavy support choices is a huge boon to certain playstyles, and I'd use every slot every game.


The problem with the list is capturing the regular objectives on top of the all-important siege objective. Do do so you'll need mobility, without the use of bikes or pods, which leaves you with flimsy (<-sadly) rhinos. The upside is dedicated Land Raiders can be found in the list so they can help address that issue, for a price.


I've never used the following but Dread Talons could be useful. Talons can help get lots of Ironclads to help boost lists that use lots of AV 13-14, such as Pred and Vindi squadrons, and can score if they either babysit a backfield objective or manage to survive the long trek across the board. Siege dreads seem fun to use if only to scare your opponent into dumping everything into them before they manage to use their flamestorm cannons.


Siege Assault Squads are very interesting and I think should be what a real assault squad should look like. The biggest boon, other than being a troop choice, is being able to take 2 power weapons on two marines, plus the sergeant and his options. That actually makes the squad a threat with the possibility of 3 power weapons plus 7 chainswords to back them up. The possibility of a LR, Redeemer, or Crusader as dedicated transport, combat shields and/or melta bombs on everyone in the squad is gravy. SAS actually have some teeth to them, and I plan on using a squad when I've completed them.


There are lots of other interesting options, like using a Siege Masters to give Tank Hunters to Devastators and add his signum to the sergeant's, or to give Furious Charge to Siege Assault Squads, which would make them quite good. There's definitely a lot to explore with the list and it offers another unique way to play marines.

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The Siege Vanguard list is actually part of my project to make an army using the Carcahrodon chapter tactics. Looking forward to forgeworld updating it for the new codex.

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Yeah, so glad there's others here who play.


I'm considering a squad of rapier laser destroyers for them. The siege master I'm hoping to base on one of the chapter master models... The master of relics looks ideal with a few tweaks. The combo plasma and servo skull looks ideal for the signum.


Really looking forward to having the army rolling along over the next few weeks.

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