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Dev Centurions, Decimator Protocol and Quad Gun


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even more interesting to me is, you could attach an IC to the dev cent unit and that IC could make use of the split fire rule to shoot the quad gun at a separate target from the rest of the unit if there was a flyer needing swatting and you didn't want to fire all your lascannons and missiles at BS1


Alternatively you could just leave one dev cent with the minimal loadout so he could fire the quad gun without wasting valuable shots on it.  Of course he would also have to fire his second gun (probably the heavy bolter) at the flyer, but it is better than wasting all the shots from the fully loaded dev cents.

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You know you don't have to fire a weapon if you don't want to?


Firing the other weapons at BS1 is hardly a waste. You could roll a 6 so you're better off to have a go.


I wouldn't go dorm a minimal load out. Chances are he won't be firing the quad all the time.

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