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Making an OK list out of limited models.


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I recently pulled my old collection out with the intention of paying a few games against some friends. Catch is, I have truckloads of infantry and very few armored units, remnants of my assault marine rushes in 5th.


So, instead of suffering complete humiliation against their nicely structured 6th Ed lists (SM/DA and Chaos/Daemons), I figured it would be worth a shot to get some advice.


Models are:


20 Assault marines (with melta coming out their ears).

20 Tactical marines (Melta gun, Flamer, Lascannon and Heavy Bolter).

4 Devastators (Plasma cannon, 3 Rocket launchers).

Sanguinary Guard.


Furioso Dread.

Normal Dread (t/linked Lascannon).

Land Speeder Typhoon.


Aegis Defense Line.


And enough other models for pretty much any HQ choice.


My first thoughts were to run some of the Tac Marines as Sternguards, stick the rest in the Rhino for quick transport to objectives, and then have the Assault marines deal with the brunt of the enemy infantry, while also popping a few shots at the armour. Other idea was run two detachments, using those fancy new SM rules by running my Assault Marines as Raven Guard. But really, I've got no idea where to start.


I'd rather stick to these models instead of buying any new one, but I'm open to suggestions!

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Swap the lascannon and plasma cannon around, so you have:


Dev squad - lascannon, 3 ML.


After that, use the models you like the most. Sternguard are arguably better in the SM codex. Depends on how much you like Combi weapons.


A list I have been using for a while, and done well with is:




10 asm, 2 Melta, serge, powerfist, infernus.

10 tacticals - flamer, heavy bolter

10 tacticals, plasma cannon, plasma gun (use the melta as a plasma)

5 devs - 4ML

2 MM attack bikes

2 mm attack bikes

Either Sanguard or Deathcompany with packs, depending on mood.

Priest, pack, power weapon/corbulo


Barring fights with non-MEQ, the ASM dont pull their weight in combat, and are better for melta-ing stuff. Your milage may vary.


20 tactical marines walking up the field with Corbulo is hard to shift.

you need a hammer unit, which from your models will be the SG.

You also need long range anti tank (devs).

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Cheers, that list looks neat. I guess I can use my Dreadies instead of some bikes, and throw in the Speeder for some mobile Anti-Armour.


I also found a techmarine with a servo harness and some servitors. Are they worth including?

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What are the Servitors equipped with?


The opponents that you listed above, how well do you know their collection and their play style? Do they have flyers, a lot of ignore cover weapons, etc?

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Not so much in C:BA. If you can convert a thunderfire, they would make a nice ally! 


Problem is, they take up an elites choice in our codex, which is where the fun lies. A dev squad is more survivable and puts out more firepower than a servitor unit.

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Just Heavy Bolters. Yeah, they both use plenty of fliers, and the Chaos player loves his Baleflamers...


How does the thunderfire go against air? The aegis is the only defense I have atm, and they can take out the squad manning it pretty easily.

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Trust me when I say that once that Chaos player flies over and toasts your army with those 'turkeys, you'll just want to pack and not bother playing. Sadly the counter is neither simple nor cheap. That's the, unfortunate, state of current 40k. 

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