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Defiler bits question

Cptn. Palladorus

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How big is the lower chassis of the Defiler? This bit here:



I've had an idea in my head for quite some time now of AdMech counts-as sentinels with four legs piloted by brains in jars. Would this piece be the right size to be the central bit if I put four regular sentinel legs on it?

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Is too large for regular sentinel legs, sadly. If you are going to use the IG dex to represent mechanicus' sentinels, for the conversion i think is better if you stick two sentinels hips -one backwards- and swap the head for a jar.


If you plan to use CSM dex and count-as defiler, well, the sentinel legs would look really out of proportion. The defiler legs are more or less 4 times bigger than the sentinels ones.

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