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Weathering black armor


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I was wondering if anyone had any good recipes for weathering black armor. I am finding it extremely difficult to find the right colors to do it with. I am currently working on a sons of Horus army. My other question is do you guys think it would off if I use one color brown to weather the green and another color brown to weather the black. In my fast attempts to weather black I was using a darker shade of the grey I was using for highlights but it never looked realistic so I'm thinking browns might be better but the brown I am using for my green doesn't look right so that's why I was wondering if weathering the same model with 2 different browns will look right.
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Have you tried using weathering powders?   They will sit really nicely on blac armour.  Loads of companies do them,  I have the ForgeWorld set and they are pretty good.   You can also make your own,  just grate up some pastels.  Im sure that would be far cheaper! 

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