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Lone Wolf, first list, need help!


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Greetings brethren,


ive come to you in with grave tidings, in time of great need.


so basically I am planning tomorrow to take my army down to the FLGS (the first time the have been out of the house!)

hoping get a game or two in.

im using army builder to write my list.

the army builder keeps telling me that I need to select a legion master, to select rites of war?


golly gee huh, go back a step, I thought that was 30k or something? I am way outta my depth here. Ive always been into 40k, but mainly just the minis and hobby side of things...


there is nothing in my 6th BRB index about legion masters or rites of war? maybe some kind of bug?


I am most definitely in the 6th edition 40k section, definitely space wolves list....


I did have to update the army builder program, and the 40k system....?


im not very familiar with this stuff, so its annoying, could take me a while to figure out on my own, not really anybody around here I can ask....


I will post the list in a moment once I have checked a few tings against my codex.... hoping for feedback on the list, but thought id ask about this nonsense first, sorry if im just being dense!

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alrighty so as I said I am new at this side of tings, so bear with me...

honestly I don't know how folks write army lists without the army builder program, I suppose it becomes second nature after a while, but sheesh....

ok so in all of my 40k career I think I have played roughly 5 games in 2nd (I was 9, always had to be orks)

lots of necromunda

and most recently 2-3 games in 5th as my wolves against Templars

they were fun games, the first time I fired my long fangs lasgun, first game, first turn, it blew up his crusader making its way across the field, it was fun watching his tdas have to foot it the rest of the way smile.png

wasn't so fun when they arrived.

murderous hurricane, was, well, murderous!

that's all I remember

ok so the list is fairly basic, but seems really cheap which is another thing bothering me, I will just write it out as it was printed and we'll see whats what...

wont put in all the boring stuff which is assumed


rune priest in pa, runic armour, living lighting, murderous hurricane, warlord, 120pts


5 wolf guard in tda, storm bolter, power swords, one has assault cannon and chainfist, drop pod, 245pts


9 grey hunters, power fist, plasma gun, wolf standard, rhino 215pts

(may have fluffed the points on this because I forgot to take one guy out, to make space for the rune priest, but also forgot the wolf standard, so put that in....

should be fine)

10 grey hunters, power weapon, 2 plasma gun, wolf standard, rhino 220pts


6 longfangs, sergeant, 5 with missle launcher, razorback, 180pts

total points 980....

is that about right? never expected id get so much for 1000pts...

mainly with the list I just wanted to keep things as simple as possible, no trimmings, just so I can keep track of everything. I don't expect to win much, but I don't want to just lay down and die either...

hopefully you guys can overlook any silly errors ive made, and give me some solid advice and feedback. the basic plan is to shoot everything, should work fine smile.png

is the list too mean? I don't know where it stands in the scale of things, I just want strong basic core, this list above will always be my basic force (pending your approval of course) and I will just add fun stuff as we move up in points...

I don't really know though, should I take some scouts or something...? to be honest I cannot see myself changing the list too much, just seems like such a solid force...

please lend me your wisdom wolf brothers, what have I missed?

thanks Skullcrusher, but it is definatly the spacewolves armour within 6th edition 40k (it even knows their names, Grimnar etc), im not sure whats whats, just that little angry red head that flashes and tells me I cannot complete the list until I select a legion master, to select rites of war....? but the is no option anywhere for this, I may have to intiate an un-expected reboot, though I tried this...)

thanks again for your help!

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So what do you want help with? the points are correct as far as i can tell.

Is that all your models or are you just aiming for a 1000pt list? if thats all your models then only thing i would suggest is dont get focused on the RP powers until you know who your facing and even then i would probably go more BRB Div powers but tau necron and orks would use jaws.


other wise the termies arent bad, are they going to be your anti armour? if you can give them combi meltas pop a tank when your pod lands would be good since you wont be able to assult. if you have to proxy then proxy no harm in it.

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haha nah dude I got more, follow the link in my sig, or theres a log in this forum somewhere


aha so the combi meltas because I cannot chop anything the same turn I arrive, genius, makes sense now why ppl put so rep them so much

that's exactly the kind of thing im looking for,


which unit of grey hunters should I stick the rune priest in, the one with the power sword, or the powerfist one?

im thinking because he is my warlord ppl are guna wana roll him, so which is the better option? or does challenges in 6th change this?


should I drop the razorback on the long fangs and spent post on melta bombs? are razorbacks good anti air? which type of missles do I shoot at flyers, it never ends man...


im sure once I get in the swing of things it'll all come together fine, I catch on pretty quick...


thanks for the tips mate!

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Ok well if you have more models i would drop the termies at that points level as PA wg can be just as good using combi's and cheaper having said that termies aint as bad as ppl think they can still do a lot of damage and despite all the ap2 weapons there are, put them in the right place and they can work! also if you can fit in a lone wolf i would strongly suggest that path! there are a few builds people have put on here i run either the SS and Chain fist Termie or PP gun slinger with the mark.


the advantage of SW with the challenge system is we can hide our power weapons among the GH and they cant get challenged but your rune priest will what i would do is put him with the long fangs give him presience and another div power and get him to buff the fangs.


as for anit flyer do a quick search on sw vs flyers and you'll see the can of worms that is!!! your razor will only be able to hurt tau necorn and other av11 flyers unless you give it the TL/las but that job can be filled by the fangs and your priest. the fangs i run as a min is 3 ML and 2 Las then depends on points depends how many fangs packs i have but the others will have the all ML. so if you need to drop points the razor should be the first to go!!! also try and stick to either drop pods or rhinos a single podded unit will be on their own but two pods can do a lot of damage  


also i looked at your link, great models by the way, and i noticed your scout had a shotgun! our scouts cant use em sadly but if you keep him as counts as allied SM attachment you can use him and his friends as a troop choice and get some of the new SM stuff in your army. Im running my old swift claws as a white scars with a captian and grav guns with the fluff being that they are from Wolf lord Engir Krakendoom's great company


in the end simple rule for SW is rune priest GH and long fangs cant go wrong

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hmm ok that's great thanks dude,


so if I drop the termies and take power armour wolf guard, whats their job? do i attach them to grey hunters for added buff?


the plan for the termies was to pod them in the middle of the board and march towards the biggest enemy, soaking up fire power, whilst the rest of the army moves up in support....

wont my pa's get squashed?


hmm I know what your saying with the rune priest, I might keep him with the grey hunters for now, mainly because I want to cruise him around riding shotgun in a rhino firing off his physic powers, I just have to do this. I am even going to build a model in the hatch specifically for this :D once I tire of it I will take your advice.


also keen to just stick with the SW codex for now, we'll see how things go down the track though, might find stuff I want and just make it from wolves stuff, but not likely as I am a bit of a purest.


yeah shame about that scout, didn't check the rules before I built him, cheers for checking out the army, I like them. the thread in this forum has better photos


so if I have 4 grey hunter squads, 2 drop pods, 2rhinos? or four drop pods?


at larger points do you prefer to take bikes or TWC? or both?


do you think people will have a problem if I model my TWC up as bikes, simply because I'm just not really a fan of the TWC models...?


hmm I will either post up some photos of the army once I arrange it and or write up the next step in the list,




thanks again peeps

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look at it like this if you drop termies centre of the board they will have limited shooting options if your opponet is smart! they are your most expensive unit and wont last long even against guardsman you will roll 1s!!!! when i say use PA WG i mean drop that pod right in your oppents face u then have 6" to play with to position your guys in a sweet spot and then bam first blood!!! consider this unit as dead come your oppents turn. termies are not as bad as ppl will tell you but in low point games you can get a similar result for a cheaper PAWG unit.  


If thats what you want to do with rune priest then all good 90% of the games i have is me trying some wierd and crazy way of doing something just for something different so more power to ya seriously have fun first be competative 2nd until you get to tournaments then grow your beard make some cheese whatever!!!


understand what your saying with SW only, im very much the same when ppl tell me to use IG to deal with fliers when my argument is i shouldnt have to!! SW should be able to stand alone!!!!


Now i wil contradict myself with the allies thing and bikes.


I love my swiftclaws but i have altered them to the flavour of the month and have made them count as White Scars with 2x grav guns and sm captain for fluff they are krakendoom's great compant. these i run along side my lord on twc and either a pack of fenrisan wolves or two twc with SS depending on points. my lord has the PF and WC combo and i kid you not has won me games on the brink of defeat!! my best come back was from my whole army tabled i had my lord on the wolf and a rune priest on a bike with biomancy left and they were unstoppable


with drop pods you really want an odd number since the rule is half ur pods rounding up come in 1st turn! i use three with a 5 man pack in a rhino to capture obj close to my side of the board. also you can put termies leading Gh in pods but not in rhinos so your choice really.


as for bikes count as TWC....... i wouldnt have a problem with it but depends on the person, tournaments hell no but most ppl should be good about it if you want to proxy but eventually if you play in the same circle long enough they may start hinting you to shell out for the TWC models

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Getting back to the original question about the Rite of War vaildation error, I'm having that same problem, too.


My AB license expired ages ago and I just renewewed it today and went through all the updates that were available. I opened a 2,000 point list I'd worked on yesterday (with no validation errors) and it gave me this same error, saying "Take a Master". If you click on it, it says "A Master of the Legion is required to Select a Rite of War". Um, what?


I checked to see if anything was weird with the Roster options, but it all looked good to me. I tried to look through their forum but it's a mess, googled my problem instead and ended up here.

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Either that or give Quartermaster a go if you have an apple device. Their main website has up to date templates on it for all the latest releases. I find it works really well and will convert straight to printer.

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how funny is that I only opened this topic yesterday because google gave me nothing...


yeah its a pain hey, everything else works fine, the space wolves codex, the pricing... already shelled out for army builder, not too keen to replace it, plus I work on my laptop here for the moment...


im assuming its some kind of 30k thing, hopefully just a bug that will get sorted out, it doesn't stop you from making legal lists and printing them so for the time being I am ignoring it


thanks for the advice though fellas, great feedback here

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Getting back to the original question about the Rite of War vaildation error, I'm having that same problem, too.


My AB license expired ages ago and I just renewewed it today and went through all the updates that were available. I opened a 2,000 point list I'd worked on yesterday (with no validation errors) and it gave me this same error, saying "Take a Master". If you click on it, it says "A Master of the Legion is required to Select a Rite of War". Um, what?


I checked to see if anything was weird with the Roster options, but it all looked good to me. I tried to look through their forum but it's a mess, googled my problem instead and ended up here.

Just to let you know I am running into the same issue.  Oh and LePetitHibou you could have saved yourself the money of resubscribing and just downloaded the supplemental downloads directly from the website.  http://wolflair.com/rightframe.php?context=army_builder&page=supplemental_downloads  You just have to load them into army builder, and army builder will auto load and you just have to hit start import to install new files.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Folks,


I just fixed this problem on my AB a few minutes ago.  Must be an issue with the data files.  Click on the Update button in the upper right corner of AB.  There's updates out there for 40k and Fantasy (if you do Fantasy).  I updated both of those and one of them was the fix.  When I opened my 1850 necron list it dropped my destroyer lord but once I re-added it the error didn't show up again.  Yay, just in time for a tournament tomorrow.  Was not looking forward to explaining why it had the red triangle error symbol at the top...

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My AB doing the same thing. I just ignore it... I'm getting tired of the :cussing program, it's clunky and the OS is sorely outdated. Plus with free programs doing the same thing (or that thing they called pen and paper...) it is really pushing me away from using it. It's like they suck you in, get you all fat and lazy, then make you give them MORE MONEY!! golly gee????????????????????????????

*hands his money over*


End of Line

Why is W T F without the spaces censored??!! lol


End of Line

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Those days its always about green energy.

I still use that modern tecnology they call pen&paper. (I also got excel and used it 2or3 times for an armylist...but)

Pen&paper is soooooo cool:

I dont need to anger about tochscreens( in my youth, if you toched a screen with your fingers.... Hell !!!)

I could even use the system without energy available.

My list is short enoght to any pocket and could be changed everywhere and anytime. (even no waiting for computer starts)


But there is one problem: NSA dont know my armylist

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haha yeah I know what you mean about being lazy!


I had a game the other day and the bloke wrote his list on the spot, what a boss.


the army builder had an update with the bug fixes, as mentioned, working fine now. it is a bit clunky, but for me its pretty great and useful, im still very new at this side of the hobby. its great to make changes to existing lists and saving templates and so on with having to re-write the whole thing, or worse yet, scribble it out and make corrections.


its great to be able to print of the whole list and go through it before a game, with a highlighter marking important stuff that you might overlook later.


also being new I don't know the points cost (or even the stat lines) of anything! so writing a list old school style takes an age. using the army builder I can free up more space to think about tweaking the list etc, its just more fun...


once I become more familiar wit the points and everything I will definitely just pen and paper it when I need to.


so I have written up a new 1500 pts list, build upon the 1000pt list I described earliar, but I am too lazy to post it all (is there someway I can save it and load it in my gallery or something?


basically I just added


wolf lord on bike, tooled up to the max

lone wolf, th ss fenrisan wolf

2 wg to act as pack leaders for my greyhunters (gh also tooled to max wolf standard, wulfen, power weapon)


just wanted to expand the list to make it abit more fluffly and less crunchy. also just want to get some experience using different units)


the wolf lord on bike and lone wolf will act as mid-field contenders and support the greyhunters


if you want to see how my 1000pts list went in my first game (against elder) its in my wip log (the messy one)

we only got to turn three though, there are lots of pretty pictures

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