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WIP 40k nurgle dp/monster

cypher 89

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ive just started to convert and gs a 40k nurgle monster this is very early wip and just started the leg base

the idea so far.....

ive started with defiler legs as a base and started to layer on gs to
get a more fleshy feel and look, im not sure how i want this to turn out
yet, ive got an idea of like a big mechanical/flesh deamon prince or
like a big demonic dread knight with a nurgle pilot in it, anyway heres
my wip so far, keep in mind ive never done any extensive gs work apart
from little bits like space marine seals and joins for armour and re
positioning limbs.






all comments welcome

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just the positioning all in place and started to bulk out the legs more.





im thinking off adding 2 toes/claws to each foot as a better support and to bulk out the foot allowing for the leg to be thicker.

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ive gone with a 3 pronged kind of foot , so the hoof in the centre and 2
clawed toes out the side/back of the foot i want the feel like they
give extra support and can be even moved independently to grip things,
here a few pics, what i got done is put some brass rods in for guides of
the toes and bulked out the legs more but also put a couple armor
plates on legs

with the back foot toes im gonna make them grip the rhino door i think

also do u think this will be to big to make into a plague sword for this beast

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Looking good! May want to just keep your Green Stuff a bit wetter, as there are a few fingerprints in it!

yeah  i wasnt to worried as just trying to find a good shape really before i sand it and put more details on him.


looking good so far, but whats up top?

hmm tbh im not sure yet lol

ive got 2 options 1st is like a deadknight with a pilot controling it

or build an upper body make him a complete demon prince,

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