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Wolves on Bikes Help...


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Preface, I have never used bikes at all in 40k but always loved the thought of em. I know our Swiftclaws aren't the best but I will be trying em out bc I just got 9 second hand including an attack bike. So I have a few questions and would love to hear any and all advice and critique ( I won't get my feelings hurt).


I definitely want to make one into a Rune Priest since I think Jaws on a bike would be awesome.

How big a squad should be run? How big is too big? (I heard someone mention they are sometimes unwieldy if too big)

Are they more of a harrasment unit? Assaualt unit? I am unsure bc of their WS3/BS3 what role for them to fill. Melta bombs for all?

I was thinking 1 RP on bike, 5 swiftclaws, 1 att bike (MM/HB?) is this too small/too big, too weak?


Also just to give you an idea of what else I will be running, I'll list what I will also most likely take. The rest of my list is pretty set mostly because of what I have now and funds. Eventually I would love drop pods but until then I got what I got. Some mix of the units below have been what I am playing with.


Wolf Priest/Rune priest HQ's as deemed fit

I usually take at least 4 GH squads maxed, with two plasma squads, one melta squad, one flamer squad.

Two  in rhinos and the other two in a LRC and a LR. ( I know they aren't the best but it's what I got.)

An ADL with a LF squad or two

A Lone Wolf(s) in TDA - TH/SS

Enter Swiftclaws......


Any help with would be greatly appreciated.

- Cooper





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Bs3 with TL bolters translates to not much of a big deal, anything claw related should be maxed out to take advantage of all those attacks on the charge!! Rune priests are awesome on bikes so yeah go down that path!!


I have changed my swift claws to count as white scars allies so now they are troops bs/ws 4 have two grav guns and all the other benefits of WS's and then work seamlessly with my drop podding wolves and thunder cav the fluff is they are from krakendooms (think that's his name no codex with me) great company

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Check that thread out. I don't know how to do links as this is my first attempt. Found that thread by putting 'blood claw bikes' into search function. Was reading up on them yesterday looking for a reason to add them to my army. Gonna add to squads of 5 when I can

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Packs of 5 or 6 will most likely work best for you, at least that's my experience. They are a great unit to lock an enemy unit in place for you to charge with one of your GH packs or work equally as well as a mobile reserve. Don't expect them to be deathstar unit, they're not. Support them. An alternative is a distraction unit-sacrificial lamb so to speak. Turbo boost them down one board edge to flank your opponents army threatening something in his deployment making him pick between the Swift Claws or the rest of your army coming head on. My 2 cents. Good luck. Oh yeah. Don't worry about what models you have or don't have. Playing with the same models all the time will make you try different things with them. Sometimes things that you would never normally try if you had the option of other models. If one thing does not work, try something else.

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