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Wish for the new Codex: Stormtroopers = IG Sternguard


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I like the fluff and models for Stormtroopers, but as several have pointed out, right now they are a bit over-costed for what they bring to the fight.


We'll see what happens with the new codex, but I am hoping something like this:


Stormtrooper/Stormtrooper Sergeant (14 points per model/Squad size 5-10)

WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 Ld8 Sv 4+


Stormtrooper Veteran Sergeant (+10 point upgrade to Sergeant)

WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A2 Ld9 Sv 4+


Wargear (all models):

-Carapace Armor

-Frag/Krak Grenades


-Hellgun (3 firing modes):

***Burst Mode - S3 AP- Assault 4, 18"

***Repeating Mode - S4 AP5 Assault 2, 18"

***Focused Mode - S5 AP3 Assault 1, 18"


Special Rules:

-Deep Strike

-Special Operations - Can choose one of the following each game:

***Behind Enemy Lines - Squad has Infiltrate USR and Stealth USR

***Airborne Assault - Squad only scatters D6" when deep striking and Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant gets Demo Charge for free.

***Spearhead - Squad has Scout USR and it may twin-link all its shooting once per game



-2 Stormtroopers may replace their Hellguns with Special Weapons: Plasma gun (+10 points), Melta gun (+5 points), Flamer (free), Grenade Launcher (free).

-One Storm Trooper may take a Long-range Vox Caster (+15 points) allowing the Squad to receive Orders from an IG Officer at any distance.

-One Storm Trooper may take an Auspex (+10 points), reducing cover save of an enemy unit within 12" by -1 for that shooting phase, as long as the model with the Auspex does not shoot.

-One Storm Trooper may upgrade to a Medic (+15 points), giving his squad FNP (5+).

-Sergeant/Veteran Sergeant may:

***Replace CCW and/or Laspistol with: PF (+15 pts), PW (+10 pts), or Plasma Pistol (+10 pts)

-Entire Squad may take Melta Bombs for +3 points/model.

-Squad may take a Chimera (+55 points) or Valkyrie (+100 points) as a Dedicated Transport.

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I love the idea of Stormtroopers as IG Sternguard, the Karkasin models are by far my favorite models in the entire guard range. That being said my first reaction to your squad is your giving them quite a few options, as far as I know only Command Squads can take medics, why should Stormtroopers suddenly have access? The Vox caster is a pretty cool idea I'm surprised isn`t already in the codex and the auspex I quite like just wondering how much would these cost?

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Some good points all.... I added some potential costs for the Medic/Auspex/Vox upgrades, as well as cost per Stormtrooper model.


As for the Medic, I feel that the Stormtroopers operate so far away from the main body of the army and they are valuable, highly trained (so not thrown away like normal Guardsmen), that they would rate having a trained Medic in their squad (as pointed out, in real world special forces, almost every small team/squad has at least one medic or medically trained member).

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Some pretty good ideas, it would certainly make Stormies more worthwhile. Not sure if the baseline stats/price is quite right though. That aside this is quite the fanciful wishing because GW seems to either hate Stormies or have forgotten they exist. I'll let you decide which is worse...

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I wouldn't give them Init4, since they're still basic humans and humans are pretty much Init3 across the board. I'm also not completely sold on them being WS4 either, but I understand why they might be, seeing as they go through much of the same combat training as commisars, so it makes sense their skills would be on par with them. I do however like the idea of multiple firing modes, though S5 AP3 seems a bit much, even if it is only a single shot, maybe drop the 2nd mode to S3 AP5 (like Hellguns used to be) and have the 3rd mode at S4 AP3. That way you'll still kill a marine on a 4+. I'd also probably drop the first mode to 3 shots instead of 4, which still gives them better firepower than a standard guardsman, even though they can't use First Rank, Fire!.


Other than those concerns, I think the idea of stormtroopers being the Guard equivalent of sternguard very appropriate.

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