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Adeptus Mechanicus books


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I am wondering if black library has any good books featuring the Adeptus Mechanicus, especially the dark mechanics.  The only book I read that feature them would be ADB night lord trilogy, and Nick Kyme salamander trilogy feature them somewhat.  So any other books where their feature heavily?  

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Its not specifically about the Mechanicus themselves, but Titanicus by Dan Abnett is IMO one of the best 40k books written. The main point of focus is Chaos vs Imperial Titans on a Forge World. Has really good descriptions of the tech that is used in M41 and the combat sections are epic :)

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HH: Mechanicum

Titanicus (Desparately needs a sequel!)

Caves of Ice (Cain book 2. Less Mechanicus action than the others listed, but Cain books are great)


Pretty good:

Priests of Mars

Lords of Mars



Dark Mechanicum (GK book 2)


Short Stories:

Mortal Fuel, The Emperor Wept both from Planetkill

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Well it only features similarly to how it does in Salamanders,  but the mechanicus as a singular force of their own battle alongside the imperial guard against the word bearers in Dark Apostle by Anthony Reynolds from the Word Bearer's omnibus. The Tech-priest most heavily featured in the first book carries on in the 2nd and 3rd book of the omnibus, Dark Creed and Dark Disciple, recurs as a daemon-tech priest.

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