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I'm involved in a massive narrative Apocalypse event on the 28th, and I'd love some advice on a list. Fluff wise, my concept is a cadre of Space Wolf heroes that come to the rescue of Port Maw (the setting of the battle). 

I have access to a Titan painted up in Space Wolves colors, which is pretty cool. Around the Titan, I'd like a force that's not only fluffy, but won't just get blasted off the table by a bunch of huge D-sized template weapons on turn 1. 


So, here's the *current* concept. I have access to other models and what not. I don't have any heavy vehicles, unfortunately (no land raiders. I have access to a whirlwind, and 2-3 drop pods). 


I'm thinking about - 


Formation: Brethern of the Great Wolf


This includes Njall, Logan, Bjorn, Ulric, and a unit of 10 Wolf Guard with Arjac. Currently, I've got 5 in power armor with Plasma pistols and frost blades, alongside 5 in terminator armor with a Cyclone, an Assault cannon, some storm shields, and Arjac. 

Wolf Lord in Runic on a Thunderwolf, 2 fenrisian buddies, Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Wolftooth Necklace, Saga of the Bear. 


3 TWC - 1 with Plasma pistol, two with Storm Shields, one with a Frost Axe


2 Units of Grey Hunters, Banner and Mark, Plasma/Plasma/Fist and Melta/Plasma/Fist


2 Units of Long Fangs - 1 w/5 Lascannons, 1 w/5 Missile Launchers


Aegis Defense Line with a Quad gun


Rune Priest, Master of Runes, on divination. Runic and Chooser, to buff the Long Fangs. 

Titan thingy. I have no idea what it's modeled with, or what it does. 

The list looks like it would be fun to play, but probably get the command group of all those heroes instagibbed by a D-Weapon. 

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Have the brethren in a transport, thatll absorb atleast one D-weapon hit. That is, if you have access to a stormeagle or suitable proxy so you can fit them all in there.


Are you guys really doing an open area battle for Port Maw? I mean, youre on a space station... only so much you can do there....


Id suggest asking if you can use the drop pod formations. Thea dvantages of a formation cannot, in any way, be understated. Being able to bring them back for a single strategic point is HUGE. Whenever possible, all formations all the time.

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