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So I was reading through IA2:WMotAA and like most of those who have said book I saw the Fellblade in the heraldry of the Charnal Guard. With naught but a "Oh that's cool" I kept reading until I got to page 135 and read up on the Fire Raptor. It was here that I found more information on this mysterious Chapter and, having seen the interest of several members here I felt obliged to present what I found. I post it here in Amicus as the Chapter's origin is somewhat a grey area and thought it best to not pigeonhole it yet.

"This reclusive, Fleet-Based Chapter, believed by some sources to be an unacknowledged offshoot of the Blood Angels, is known to seal themselves away in vast stasis crypts when not on campaign, and the Chapter's armoury holds countless examples of weapons rarely seen in the 41st millennium."

So what do we now know?
- Heraldry and Chapter Badge

- Fleet-Based

- Utilize stasis crypts when between campaigns

- Vast armoury with ancient tech (At least one FellBlade and several Storm Eagles and Fire Raptors)

- Theorised to be Blood Angel successors.

You're welcome biggrin.png


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If there were suspected of being from the Blood Angels' gene-line perhaps that was one of the reasons they were removed from the Maelstrom Wardens, maybe the decadent High Lords didn't want two chapters from the Blood Angels' gene-line in close contact with each other or didn't want the Charnel Guard to be in contact with a BA successor from the 21st Founding.




Conspiracies, conspiracies everywhere.....

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