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My small (but growing) Dark Angels force


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Hello everyone,


I'm new here, and I'm a fresh Dark Angel from Poland. I was always a fan of 40k universe, but never really had an army. I read books and stuff, and when the new DA codex came out and I bought Descent of Angels, I decided that the time has come ;) Most miniatures I buy are second hand ones, I have a nice source for cheap and nice models, that allowed me to collect some rare stuff, as all ma heroes are 100% metal ;) 

When It comes to painting, im painting since half a year, I painted few marines and then removed the paint but learned much from it, I used to paint in the past, but it was like 5 years ago, and I made less than 15 WHFB dwarfs ;) I wish to show you my growing army and I would love to hear any feedback how to improve and push my skills to the new levels, here we go:


Tactical squad #1 (second one needs to be photographed as I repainted some stuff and exchanged the sgt)







Deathwing squad #1


And here is my most recent miniature, finished today - lone veteran (he is alone only for now :P)



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Thanks for the feedback msn-wink.gif

About the bases:

For troops - tactical squads - I used only random sand with small stones mixed and glued to the base, I later developed better way to make bases but they need to stay as they are, but still, as for troops I think they aren't that bad, but next squads will have more advanced stuff below their feet msn-wink.gif

For termies and the veteran I made the bases using old cd box to make the slabs (I just cut it into random shapes, more random it is, the better it looks I think, if you use scissors it can add some cracks and damage around it) glued onto the base and when it dries, I glue sand mixed with stones all around it, to cover it abit here and there also, and when the glue is still wet, I add some bits that are useless, damaged shoulderpads and weapons for example, here is a photo of the bases I made for Deathwings:


The pipes are just wires from an old Lamp I was about to throw away. The Imperial eagles and pillars are from 4th edition starter set, I got them for free when I bought some miniatures. I wanted to use cork but I always forget to buy it and as I mostly paint in the evenings and weekends I needed to use what I found around the house msn-wink.gif

I agree about the rhino, I plan to make some more dmg on it, but first I need to learn some techniques, so I decided to paint it quite 'clean' with only mud and small scratches on the edges and when I develop the way to paint it (will train on some boxes and stuff) then It will be more damaged msn-wink.gif I don't have an airbrush so it will take some time but I have several ideas for it msn-wink.gif

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Yes, you are 100% right. These are old metal Ravenwing shoulderpads. I got them with 2 of the tactical squads I bought, but as far as I remember, they are still being sold on GW page. At first I thought that they are not greenwing stuff but I love the design, and still they are better than plain green shoulders in my opinion msn-wink.gif

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My Dark Angels are really happy to hear your opinions msn-wink.gif As for the Deathwing, its both the flaw of my camera and also the choice, I wanted them to be abit more bonewhite than tan in general, and also I wanted them to stand out abit msn-wink.gif

Here is the first commbat squad I made as I promissed, the sgt. had his head changed (the original one looks doughnut-alike to me msn-wink.gif) and backpack - original one I got was damaged sad.png


As my camera is awful, it has an issue - it makes bad contrast for whites on black background and dark colors appear worse on lighter background, so to show the sgt. robes better, I made a quick shot of him also:


Those were the older miniatures, now the time comes for most recent one. This is DV librarian I decided to paint, but first he needed to be stripped of the old paint, as I got him free with some other stuff I bought, I'm aware that the symbol on tabard was left unpainted, but it has a flaw and is hardly visible in like 50% so I decided to leave it unpainted rather than ruin the tabard. Also the winged sword on the chest was a pain, as I needed to paint half of it from a picture not by the original lines, they were very dull. It's my first HQ, and first cape painted, hope you like him:


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All looks nice, very well done. They have a very nice crisp look to them. The libby looks perfect, the blue all the way to the green/white robe. You should be very proud to field this great looking army.

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Second 5 man squad after rebuild and some repaints:


To do list (Dark Angels that are primmed or prepared to be primmed):

-10 man tactical (melta+multimelta)

-5 man tactical squad (melta)

-5 man devastator squad (2x plasma cannon 1x lascannon 1x heavy bolter)

-5 man veteran squad (5x combi-plasma)

-5 man converted command squad

-2x 5 man Assault Squad (2/10 done)

-2x Land Raider (1x Deathwing, 1x Greenwing)

-1x Land Raider Crusader (Deathwing)

-1x Deathwing Knights

-1x Deathwing Terminator squad (DV)

-1x Deathwing Terminator squad (3x TH/SS AC)

-2x 3 Ravenwing Bikers

Not to mention HQs:

-Asmodai, Inter-Chaplain in TDA, Inter-Chaplain (all metal)

-Ezekiel, Librarian in TDA (as above, metal)

-Sammael (metal!!! biggrin.png)

-Company Master (metal)

-My Belial conversion

That's hell alot of work, will take more than a year I guess, so wish me luck and patience, would need them for sure biggrin.png

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Great work thumbsup.gif

As to advice to improve - I can offer none other than dull down the red as previously suggested as DA can come over as a little Xmas tree like if you are not careful.

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As my thread got sucked into the warp, its time to refresh it ;) This is the first Dark Angel I painted since the librarian, done a lot of modeling and converting during that time, but had a break from painting. My first pre-heresy era Dark Angel, Brother-Sergeant Gadriel:




Based on plastic body from current veteran's box, FW hands, shoulderpads and backpack + awesome Steam Knights Helmet from Maximini, only thing I had to do was to add proper wings ;)

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Have you listened to the Grey Angel short audio drama? msn-wink.gif

Anyway, after a break from painting my Dark Angels, but I took my chance and returned to The Rock - here is my conversion, made from different bitz - Company Master of my 3rd Dark Angels Company msn-wink.gif


Hope you will like him msn-wink.gif The swaord was made without airbrush ;) Just regular handworking.

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