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Scars hardcover


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In fact, i'd be more inclined to place an order if there's a bunch of stuff i'm interested in. I order rarely but when i do, it's usually a lot, as payment options really make things difficult for me.

I'm really struggling with buying Macragge's Honour, the decision would be much easier if the Scars hardcover would be available in the same time window. But as it looks, i'm forced to skip either of those.

I don't know what kind of numbers-juggler is responsible for the publishing dates, but it ends up with me not getting the books that i want and Black Library getting less money from me. This can't be in the interest of capitalism.

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Really? I suppose it depends what you use - but card payments have never been an issue for the majority. I can appreciate if you're ordering abroad or whatever that it may add complications, or depending on the card itself.


Equally, on another note - purchases of that cost qualify for free shipping, so it's not as if that poses a major concern if you're UK based. Again, I can totally understand if it's from abroad - but is a salient point.

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