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Raptor Project - Librarians + Ezekial Conversion


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Hey all. I thought I would share my latest project - starting up some Raptors. I'm getting about 35 marines from my buddy, who has extras in storage over on the east coast. Since it's not enough for a decent sized army, I'm going to ally it with my Dark Angels for the time being.


Quick Links


3D Printed Bolters

Laser Cut Bases

1st Finished Librarian

Completed Librarians + Ezekial Conversion


The army lists I'm considering making are here:


List 1

List 2


While I'm waiting for the models to arrive, I've been working on custom bolters and upgrade kits for them, with the intention of getting them 3d printed.


Here are a few renders of what I'm working on:




This is the X-1 with a box magazine and holographic sight. I created a rail system so I could add other options down the line, like scopes, flashlights, etc. It's 20mm long, where the standard bolter is around 15mm long, so it's a bit larger than the standard weapon.




This shows the front of the the optional auspex. It locks onto the side of the bolter for convenience.




Rear view of attached auspex. I added some lighting for effect.




I created 3 types of magazines - box, normal, and high capacity. This is the high capacity magazine. Basically how the "average" bolter would look. Raptors are supposed to have custom made sights, so I'm making sure all of their weapons have some sort of advanced optics.




This is a WIP of the sterngaurd bolter. It's obviously based on the P90 design, including top fed magazine and integrated holographic sight. I moved the ejection port back and I'm adding the ability to lock in combi-weapons (very early WIP of a grav weapon there). This is still very much a work in progress. I'll try to get some renders of a more complete project as soon as I can.

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The good old P90. Guess you'll be bulking out the SMG design as a bolter round is a little larger than the 9mm one.


Designs look good though personally the optics look a bit current day considering a marine's powered armour optics and auto senses.

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Those look cool.


Thanks :)


The good old P90. Guess you'll be bulking out the SMG design as a bolter round is a little larger than the 9mm one.


Designs look good though personally the optics look a bit current day considering a marine's powered armour optics and auto senses.


The p90 actually fires a special 5.7mm round, not 9mm. But yes, It's going to be a bit beefier.


The optics are meant to look a bit more modern. I considered something high tech, but Raptors are very much a no BS/Frills chapter and I wanted to represent that with very functional looking gear. Also, I'd assume they have enough extra ability with their helmet and naturally enhanced vision that they don't need a lot of extra weight added to their weapon for optics.

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Good point about no frills. Better be using AK's then msn-wink.gif

Hey, the AK isn't a bad weapon. A bit short on accuracy at range though. Not a good weapon of choice for a chapter known for it's marksmanship ;).

Unfortunately my computer took a dump and I'm in the process of restoring it, so it will be a while before I can post any updated pics. Not to worry, I back up everything important on the fly. I'm just waiting for 32 gigs of files to finish restoring ><.

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No but the AK is very reliable, does high tissue damage and has many, many variants. How many other weapons can you dig up and use msn-wink.gif

The M14 is more reliable, has better penetration and tissue damage and is very accurate at range. But, bolters have more in common with sub machine guns than assault rifles.

No but the AK is very reliable, does high tissue damage and has many, many variants. How many other weapons can you dig up and use msn-wink.gif

A sword.....

No. Just no.

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Nice look! Will the bolter clip be visible or is it just the ref picture? If not, I think it is a little long compared to a standard bolter.


Good concept though, keep it up!


The magazine is actually on the top like a P90. The image isn't completely accurate, as the space marine isn't perfectly proportioned compared to the plastic figure. Though the place that looks like a magazine well is going to be the rest of the combi-weapon. I wanted to give it a full look instead of having one of them stunted like the normal GW versions. Though looking at the image, it may not be a bad idea to make a version with the magazine on the botton. That looks kind of cool too.

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I cut out a prototype using the bolter's profile. This is how it stacks up so far. Note that the two on the yellow pad are failures, but still show the size comparison:







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Just a quick update with how the bolter looks so far. I'm going to finish up the back portion (grip, butt, foregrip, etc) and then work on the combi-flamer attachment.



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Last update for today. I think I'll try to take more of a digest approach in the future.


I went ahead and cut most of the bases I needed. Some fell in the path of the laser and need to be recut:






Plus I cut out another 90 Dark Angel bases for rebasing my main army:



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The base with the names are really really neat msn-wink.gif

How much would you charge if I ordered some from you ? haha

We're aren't supposed to discuss such things *points to signature*

Thanks though.

COOL,those bases sure look nice.

Thanks smile.png

Alrighty, I got my first batch of bolters ordered. I should have them on the 21st, and if they check out, I'll order more. I have 3 librarians and an Ezekial conversion almost ready to prime. I'm just trying to decide whether to give the 3 generic librarians combi-weapons and power mauls, or stick with 2 power mauls, a power sword, and bolt pistols:


I think I have all the bases cut out and I'm going to do some markers for the divination effects in a little bit. I found that I keep forgetting which units I put prescience on quite often, so I figure that will help.

I should have the librarians primed on Thursday and hopefully painted up and ready to show off by the end of the weekend. Just really waiting on those bolters to arrive to make my first Raptor tactical squad.

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I finally had a break in the weather and was able to prime the librarians. I'm doing some color testing, and I'm down to fenris grey > mordian blue > enchanted blue with either a blue ink or asurmen blue wash OR fenris grey > enchanted blue with either blue ink or asurmen blue wash.


those are the only viable blues I have, and I really don't feel like an hour drive to pick up another one. I could potentially mix a little white into the mordian blue to lighten it up for the wash effect.


Any suggestions?

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I'm using Fenris Grey > Enchanted Blue > dry brush ice blue > Asurmen blue wash.


So far it looks good. Nice and dark, which I prefer over the candy blue of the normal librarians/ultrasmurfs:






I Mixed alittle white to My Mordian Blue.Also I paint my libbies in they're regular chapter colors just for a change of pace.


I'm trying to keep my army somewhat close to canon. Besides that, it's easy to lose them in a squad, which could be considered modeling for advantage. This way, there is no mistake as to which one is the librarian.

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here is the first completed librarian:









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