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scythes of draconia

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my first go at a custom chapter, please poke holes where they exist, and help me out.

Scythes of Draconia

Chapter origins

Thought to originate during the later years of m37 to counter act Large numbers of orks in nearby star systems, but rumored to be outcasts from their highly religious parent chapter. Currently, the chapter relies heavily on lightning drop pod strikes, and heavy use of storm ravens and thunder-hawks to deliver armor and troops into the fray as quickly as possible, due to their losses during the early years of the chapters' existence.The gene seed of the scythes has been confirmed to be that of the Charnel guard space marine chapter, But the chapter and its founder have not made contact since Charnel Guards' deployment in the Thanatos crusade.


Since their return from the fringes of the Eastern segmentum pacificus, the scythes of draconia claimed the desert colony world of siguris II to replenish the major losses the chapter has suffered. Siguris II has a blasted and sand covered surface, many of the hive cities lie clustered together near the manufactorums that dot the planet, machining metals from the core of the planet sustains the people of siguris, requiring many of the population to make their livings below ground, away from the harsh sun that irradiates the surface of the planet.The hardy population on siguris provides a perfect selection of recruits for the chapter, living in small hive cities and even smaller cliff side villages along the cracked surface of the desert planet, they often must find what they need for themselves, sustaining small groups and mining out precious metals in the earth.

The chapter made immediate connections to the people of siguris, as their original home world of cathica mirrored the climate and living styles of siguris, with the destruction of their original planet, the chapter has since sought to prevent the previous mistakes the populous made in the mines of cathica, and require the local government to keep close watch for signs of a slumbering tomb beneath the sands of siguris II.

Chapter history

The scythes of draconia were rumored to be formed from a number of Charnel Guard outcasts, originally made up of a number of brothers who lacked the zeal of the rest of the charnel guard, the marines who sought to leave the ranks of the charnel guard were allowed to go with no bloodshed, but ties with the zealous chapter were strained as the guard saw the scythes as weak and on numerous occasions called heretics by their parent chapters' veteran marines. since their departure from the charnel guard, the handful of marines left the system and went to find a place to begin recruiting from. the chapter settled on the desert world of cathica in a system with many worlds like their new home world and began to increase their numbers at a large rate, following the codex astartes very closely, they would protect the system and its neighbors from ork infestations that were growing like a disease.But, as their numbers neared optimum strength,they suffered from a system wide catastrophe,on their home world, the rampant mining and drilling by the greedy administratum on the planet awakened the primary necron tomb world of the argorahk dynasty,and the many legions of immortals unique to the dynasty in their sheer numbers began laying waste to the local PDF and immediate response forces sent by the chapter master, and his captains.As the fighting began to come to a climax across the system, cathica was abandoned and left to the necrons,and the nearby planets' tomb worlds were awakened by the phaeron of the dynasty, the entire system began to crumble from the imperiums maps and fall to the metallic nightmares. In an act of desperation, chapter master chrellon personally led a large strike force of marines into the heart of their lost home world. As the chapter records state, only a handful of men escaped with their lives, among them, 2nd captain xerxes, carrying a message to leave the system and take the survivors of the planet with them from the dying chapter master himself.

As the dwindling infant chapter began to pull back from the relentless necron advance, more and more planets in the 24 star system were cleansed of life, and more scythes fell before their foes. The few ships that escaped from the system numbered no more than 2 cruisers, 3 frigates, and a handful of support craft and escorts. The chapter now numbered fewer than 600 marines, and without their chapter master, the survivors limped out of the system in a warp jump to a nearby imperial sector.

As they attempted to exit from warp in m37, a warp storm engulfed the entire fleet, and for long centuries the chapter was thought lost to the warp, as declared by the Munistorum.Only recently have the scythes reemerged from the warp, dated to have escaped in m39 numbering less than 350 when they escaped from the storms aftermath, into the eastern fringes of the segmentum pacificus. Immediately they were tested for taint in their gene seed, and, once found to be nearly as pure as they had when they were lost, were released back to recuperate their horrendous losses.

recent history

Since their reappearance, the scythes of draconia have been furiously gathering initiates from the new chapter home-world, and nearby recruiting worlds, enraged at the Ecclesiarchy for not purging the Xenos from their home-system the current chapter master, arioch ghellar, plans to take vengeance on the necrons, and oversee the destruction of their old home-world personally.

Notable engagements

Before the warp storm, while the chapter fought for their home-world, the entire chapter was deployed among the system to quell the emerging necrons, engaging countless ranks of necron constructs with the ferocity of cornered animals.

Soon after the chapter began deploying into nearby systems to aid those in need (after their reemergence from the warp), they deployed tactical squads via drop pod into many theatres of war, one of which was the defense of hive gogonoth from invading eldar from saim hann, where the well placed tactical squads from the 3rd war host proved vital for relieving the imperial guard units defending the city. and again at the hive when the explosive emergence of the hive tendril (named gogonoth after the hive was consumed in a single night) to destroy the hive tyrant as soon as possible.

During the later years of m40,a force of tau arrived in a nearby system to forcefully convert as many planets as possible to their "greater good" their advanced technology and fast skimmers easily outpacing the sluggish tanks of the local PDF and guard regiments defending the sector. With the arrival of the thunder hawks and storm talons of the scythes of draconia, the tau battle suits and hovering tanks were soon no more than burning hulks lying in the city streets of the hive cities on planets, and a full scale war against the tau remained until the resources of the xenos were exhausted and many planets left barren lifeless husks.


Not nearly as religious as their progenitor chapter, the scythes of draconia care little for the divinity of the emperor, and Look to themselves for inspiration instead of a primarch or the emperor himself, The constant rage and bitterness that the chapter has felt towards Xenos since their inception has left a black mark upon their collective spirits, and, whenever possible, will actively hunt down and destroy all Xenos they come upon in their campaigns.This xenophobia also goes hand in hand with the scythes disregard for collateral damage, often risking their own lives, and those of their allies needlessly to destroy a threat to the imperium as a whole.

Coming from the sparsely populated desert planets of the chryvet system, each initiate is especially well suited to spend long amounts of time without support from their kin, as a tactical squad dropped into the heart of their enemies armies, crippling enemy hard-points and outlasting the enemy reinforcements until extraction. The chapter emphasizes the over use of strength, and will go to great lengths to make sure they can out wit, out manouvre,or outmatch their foes before making full dedicated assaults

When the fleet was was lost in the warp, they suffered many losses from daemonic forces, losing all but their strike cruiser "everadons' wrath" and the frigate "night-shard". Because of their experiences,the chapters' recruits are taught to abhor the use of warp technology, and the scythes do not field librarians along with their main force, when traveling between systems, short sub warp jumps are preferred to avoid returning to that hellish place again.

Chapter organization and combat doctrine

In response to the losses the chapter suffered during their infancy, the chapter has reorganized itself to be more tactically flexible, as such, they eschew 10 companies with reserves. Instead they maintain 5 war hosts that are based throughout the many desert planets the scythes are based on. Several worlds feed into each war host, providing room to grow the number of marines in each of the 5. To balance, there are 2 captains in each war-host, one captain controls the reserved side of the host, called the over captain, and controls the tanks, devestators,and dreadnoughts. While the other coordinates the drop pods, thunder hawks, and other mobile units, called the frontal captain.The 1st war host is known for the larger number of terminators and archaic armor. Chapter master ghellar performs the role as great captain, along with his frontal and over captains, drevedus and vastor, the war host also has the largest concentration of dreadnoughts, the ancients deploying often to aid their brothers in the field of war.

There are also a large number of warships and cruisers to facilitate the many deployments the scythes of draconia partake, and because of their disdain to use the full power of the warp, the ships travel at a much slower pace than other imperial ships can.

The chapter maintains large numbers of drop pods, thunder-hawks, and storm-raven gunships, with which they use rapid deployment tactics to get to the fight as soon as possible. All tactical squads maintain their war-gear themselves, and each battle brother carries with them a combat blade and enough ammunition to see them through long term deployments.The orbital drop squads are often proficient in the use of melta bombs and melta/plasma weaponry along with heavy weapons like multi meltas and heavy bolters, combi weapons are a preferred weapon amongst sternguard veterans in the chapter.


Each war host controls several worlds to maintain recruitment, the feudal worlds providing excellent warriors to fill the ranks of the astartes.As such their numbers often excel the codex 100 per company, maintaining anywhere from 150 to 300 marines at any given time, often the strength is not consolidated in one place, several squads fighting in various theatres of war amongst the stars.So they have yet to be censured fully as their strength is never consolidated in one place.


Large numbers of close combat weapons are prevalent along with the standard bolters and grenades,chainswords, powerswords, and all manner of bladed weapons can be found amongst the rank and file of the scythes of draconia. A special weapon unique to the scythes is the draconist war scythe, a larger version of the one used by ancient cathican monarchs, the large bladed weapon is used in tandem with the flame reaver wrist mounted combi flamer on rapid insertion assault troops to great effect.some even take the chainsword teeth and mount them on the hilt of the staff.

Emperors' sword dreadnought: (home brew dread stuff)

during the scouring of the system of drys (recently re-emerged from the warp storms after the scouring of chaos space marines of the world eaters, the 2nd war host and its' adeptus mechanicus allies set about searching for any possible archeotech that can be found amongst the ruined planets that reemerged out of the warp, the landing forces discovered designs for ancient MKIV pattern dreadnought weapons, dubbed the emperors sword pattern, the weapons were soon modified and outfitted to the 2nd war hosts lone contemptor chassis, inhabited by ancient brother dhonovan. the weapons consist of 3 possible arm parts, the first, a large shield wall with a slit on the under half for a mounted heavy flamer, heavy bolter,heavy stubber, or autocannon, the next is a quad mount for 4 autocannons, with advanced targeting relays and extended barrels, that allow the dreadnought to fire on fast moving targets such as heldrakes and doom scythes. the third arm mount would take the place of the autocannon mount, replacing it with a massive thunder hammer, able to crack bastions and break the armour of all but the most resilient tank hulls.

Notable brothers

Chapter master Ghellar- current chapter master of the scythes, was one of the first marines inducted since the return of the chapter to the segmentum, strong willed and tactically minded, Ghellar strives to lead his brothers to the heart of their ancient enemies of the argorahk dynasty.

Brother Costellin- one of 3 ancients interred to a contemptor dreadnought, Costellin is the oldest surviving scythe of draconia, attached to the personal guard of the Chapter Master in the 1st war host, his wisdom is as valued as his ancient assault cannon and combat claw.

Captain wrehn- over captain of the 3rd war host, his tactical genius and strategic planning brought down entire planetary defense lines, he and his personal guard of terminators in tartaros plate known as "the dragon claws" have felled many warlords and enemy elites.

veteran sergeants Harus,Gharrus and Jona- a hardened veteran of the 2nd warhost, Harus is the appointed leader of the 3 terror squads unique to the warhost, all veterans of a campaign fought against word bearers and nightlords, the survivors took hard learned lessons form the traitors on how to instill fear and chaos into the enemy ranks, as the sons of Lorgar and Kurze did to the pdf and guard units all during the campaign. the dour mood of the veterans is only matched by the hatred for traitors and the willingness to destroy them, using special weapons and terror marking, darkly painted mkIV armor to kill the enemy before they know what hit them.

EDIT: fixed some stuff about the progenitor chapter relations, and added a few more notable marines as well.

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Did you try any special formatting here? Your text is in chunks off to the left, giving the impression of broken formatting. You'll get more views if you sort that out so it looks normal. I like the straightforward-ness in the beginning, though I think, especially for a later founding, the confusion about gene-seed is unnecessary and isn't contributing to the feel. Sometimes people forget that if a Chapter has one progenitor, but traits associated with another (like being brooding and secretive like DA, but wild and traditional/ritualistic bikers because they have WS heritage), it is MUCH more interesting than a Chapter with traits from both and its written off as uncertain heritage.
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Uh i wrote this in the notes app on an i pad, then emailed it to my gmail, then copy pasted it into the forums from there, so there may be more spaces and separations than there should be. I don`t usually have my laptop with me in the modelling room, so i write on my i pad when i get any ideas

As far as progenitors go, i just haven't picked one yet ;P whenever i decide to, i plan on editing the fluff up there to match, thinking ultramarines, because they don't really have any mutations or special quirks... Thanks for the help and input. biggrin.png

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For anyone interested in the charnel guard, i picked them because they don't really have too much information on them, and because i rather like the contrast of the b&c thread made by lord draco, gives a reason for my original scythes to get kicked out of the chapter or something ;)



Here is the thread


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Here is the finalized color scheme of the scythes of draconia:

tactical marine of the 3rd war host:


veteran seargent assault marine of the 2nd war host:


frontal captain with jump pack from the 5th war host:


and finally an honoured brother of the 4th war host in terminator armour


C & C always wanted here, thanks thumbsup.gif

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well actually, the star phantoms are THE closest chapter i had in mind whenever i wanted to finally make my marines. msn-wink.gif

the only real things i wanted different, are some of the combat doctrine, more focus on thunderhawk and stormravens, and a lot more dreadnoughts. i'm planning on making up my own type of dreadnought for my chapter too!happy.png oh, and i wanted greys to be predominant on the color scheme...

if i were to start another army of marines, Star phantoms is the way for me, maybe in the near distant future the star phantoms can receive aid from the 2nd war host of the scythes in cleansing a planet of xenos scum?biggrin.png

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Thanks a lot! I need to update the fluff for the new stuff im throwing into my army, probably going to hit it today.... Still doing homework though, so i'll have to see what i can come up with!


okay, fluff is now updated, going to start going in depth on the 2nd war host, as they are the ones that i will be modelling in the other thread i have going for the army. lots to do, not a lot of time to get it down before i forget it!

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The 2nd war-host of the scythes of draconia "the planet sunderers"



Frontal captain Daxus- a harsh and straightforward leader, Daxus prefers to lead his men into battle from the very front, if not behind enemy lines, he and his squad of sternguard veterans,hand picked by the frontal captain from the best and most ferocious fighters of the tactical squads sergeants. known as the "firebirds" the veterans, led by veteran sergeant Castigir whenever their captain is deployed elsewhere, earned their honorific from the heavy use of combi meltas and flamers, dropping into the thick of a battle via. Drop pod, these seasoned fighters have been known to drop enemy tanks and swarms of enemy infantry like an exterminator to pests.


Over captain Oberon-a more subtle counterpart to the vain captain Daxus, Oberon seeks to use superior air power to win the imperiums' battles, a well seasoned tactician, but also hardened soldier, whenever the captain goes to war, he drops from the stormraven gunship " thunderlord" with the gunships personal squad, known as the "stormhawks" or squad vallix. Squad vallix has always deployed from the rear and side doors of the thunder-lord since the original 3 members of the squad (tollin, vallix, and mahs) were assault marines fresh from their initiation rites. Centuries later, the actions of the squad during the purging of the eldar from the world of violon earned the surviving 3 the rank of vanguard veteran, and were chosen for their zeal in combat to accompany the over captain whenever he went to war.


Chaplain Gharreth- a stalwart, headstrong, and zealous fighter, chaplain Gharreth holds the will of the war host, along with his personal aides, brothers who form his retinue, he makes sure that no taint enters the hearts of his battle-brothers. In combat, Gharreth follows the main deployment onto worlds to be subjugated, and makes sure that all of the war hosts' forces deploy and are prepared for battle with the hosts techmarines and apothecaries. Whenever sent to war, Gharreth and his "truth speakers" are a sight to behold,bellowing war hymns and smashing the enemies of man beneath his power fist.


Chaplain Einur- as with the position of captain and apothecary, there are 2 chaplains that serve in the war-host a of the scythes, chaplain Einur serves to lead his brothers spiritually and physically along with his brother Gharreth, and they share the podium on the altar of war with little to no issue or problems. Einur fights wearing one of the ancient suits of terminator armor in the war-host, and shows a preference to fight with squad Iceladen, his squad brothers jervon and sciphas being from his original tactical squad after his initiation into the ranks.


Apothecary Damas- a withdrawn and sullen character, Damas takes the burden of collecting the gene-seed of the fallen as heavily as his brother Rhylion, Damas, unlike Rhylio, goes to war in a modified suit of terminator armour, outfitted with an archaic power claw that contains an under-slung flame projector, along with his modified narthecium.


Apothecary Rhylion- an honest and upfront warrior, Rhylion was noted for his skills at healing wounds that even the astartes physique would struggle with, and, when the time has come, to give them peace in their passing. Rhylion is often found in the support of the ground forces, with a squad of his brothers tasked to gather the victorious dead and protect their chapter's future.




Close combat Terminator squads feryx and dominus- Called the "shield of uhstar" and the "sword of uhstar" respectfully, these squads of seasoned veterans were the sole opposition deployed to bring the pro tau heretical government of the planet uhstar back to the emperors' light. Squad dominus teleported into the main hall of the governors palace as they feasted to celebrate their seccession, slaying the lord governor and all of his aides and servants, while the terminators of squad feryx teleportd to the entrances, slaying all signs of soldiers and support sent to help the treacherous memebers of the lordship on world. Without a single loss, the 2 squads of terminators single handedly orchestrated the destruction of the entire leadership caste of the pro tau Government, and layed waste to the palace itself overnight. By the next morning, the remaining mortals sued for peace displaying the heads of tau ambassadors and pro secessionists on the walls of the remaining governmental buildings that the terminators left unscathed. terminator Squad Iceladen-("the xeno bane") Renown amongst the war host for being ruthless and efficient at destroying xenos infestations, especially that of tyranids and vespids of the t'au. T


erminator Squad Dervish-("the firelords") in a sentence...zealous ancient pyromaniacs who would first burn a planet, then pronounce it full of taint, re-burn it, and call it a day.


vanguard veteran squad Ariax-("the flayers") once boastful and prideful warriors, the members of squad ariax have become silent and withdrawn, since the events of the archangel incident. What is known about the members of squad Ariax is this. Assault squad Ariax, Tarsus ,and Versius were to be deployed to the surface of the tyranid infested hive city of forlorn via storm-raven, to gather Intel on the situation, and get the location of various important structures to survey the depth of the infestation with sonic nodes. En route to their location, both storm ravens were overcome by a large swarm of tyranid gargoyles, both stormravens were lost, and the survivors of the crash were forced to meet at the nearest PDF building to regroup. The situation was noted and sent to the ships in orbit by the over confident Ariax, saying the situation was not one in need of reinforcement, and that they had simply been a surprised flock of bio-morphs that fled into the engines of the ravens. Soon after going deeper into the sprawling hive city, the squads joined together, encountering ambushes along the way. Numbering a full 27 together, the squads soon lost all contact with the fleet,which soon after recieving a cryptic distress message from the squads survivors. Those that made it out of the horrors of the hive city were ghosts of their former selves, from 30 to 8 and 2 heavily wounded. The remaining brothers reformed into squad Ariax, and sealed their vox and all forms of communication to simple one word confirmations or negatives. The squad now takes to the field entirely with lightning claws, Sergeant Ariax using master crafted lightning claws attached at the wrist, allowing him to wield pistols as well.


Brothers Terian and Hastar-(dreadnoughts) ancients who were interred along with many of their brothers into dreadnought armour after the chapters reammergence from the warp storm that left the whole chapter lost in the eye of the storm.under their watchful gaze, many campaigns have been successfully planned and executed, their heavy weapons unleashing a fusillade of death into the enemies of mankind.


Ancient arhkios- an ancient contemptor dreadnought, arhkios, the current inhabitant of the ancient armor, is the 3rd to have the high honor of being installed into it's sarcophagus. For what honor even he does not fully recall often falling silent and angry for his perceived weakness,his memory does retain from the horrific days of the warp storm that had engulfed the chapter, it is speculated that during these times, he was injured beyond hope, until they reemerged into real space and he was interred. he has incurred many notable kills on the field of war, including several traitor Malcador tanks, of which he has a fond hatred of, for nearly losing an armored leg to in a campaign that saw the planet exterminated from orbit. Arhkios has often made requests that these kills be marked onto the armoured chest plate of his armor, saying that it reminds him of his own mortality, no matter the meters of adamantium that protect his shriveled, destroyed body.




Purgation squad invax- (the immortals) a squad made up of brothers from the same age as the chapter master himself, the immortals were attached to the second war host permanently for their expertise in the subjugation of planets. The entire squad takes to the field of war in ancient MKIV maximus armour, and use Tigris pattern bolters and ancient relic chainswords to deadly effect on their foes.their special color scheme was denoted for their specialty in destroying key targets on renegade planets, terror markings and other horrific insignia are not an uncommon sight on their darker grey armour.


Tactical squads Tersan, Omahd, Idranull, Victous, Donalin, and Korias- The rank and file marines of the war host, deployed by thunderhawk transport and rhino, drop pod, or stormraven, the flexible weaponry deployed by the marines has one countless battles and saved numerous planets for the emperors' Imperium.


Veteran sergeants of each squad:

Veteran sergeant Tersan, a sharp eyed leader, Tersan puts both his bolter and plasma pistol to efficient, and deadly use, sometimes even, at the same time.


Veteran sergeant Ohmahd, A hulking astartes, Omahd uses a massive dual bladed chainsword of ancient workmanship on the emperors foes.


Veteran sergeant idranull, an agile and light-footed leader, Idranull leads his brothers behind enemy lines, cutting communications and logistics to hasten the defeat of the enemy.Idranull uses a bolt pistol and has a large collection of knives collected in his many years of service, which he has a knack for throwing at enemy throats and limbs.


Veteran sergeants Victous and Donalin, literal brothers in arms, before being inducted into the ranks of the astartes, Their parents (members of a leadership council on the recruiting world of xoro centuries before, consented to marry for a more solid political bond. The brothers have had a rivalry to see which is best since they became neophytes, the agreement, the first to die is the weaker brother.in light of their game, both brothers agreed to use a plasma pistol and power sword, to even the odds.


Veteran sergeant Korias, the eldest of the tactical squad vetran sergeants, save for the immortals themselves, Korias is a relentless and easily offended man, but a cold and unflinching astartes, often showing no signs of offence until later, when he lashes out and jeers at the one responsible at a seemingly random time. Korias takes to the field with a power sword and shield.


Purifier squad dovarus,extremely hostile to non astartes, these marines are known for their preference to destroy an enemy immediately, without aid from those not of the astartes, armed with specially modified respirators based off of the ancient sogalon pattern helmets, the purifier squads are reapers of a planets life, burning all with their flamer and melta weaponry.



FAST ATTACK: Assault squads Vidor, Lucrates, and Malaga- Assault squads that deploy from drop pods, renown for their abilities in the field of lightning strike assaults, and being able to outlast the retaliatory fire, a trait much celebrated in the chapters combat tactics. They all make use of the draconiat warscythe and flame reavers, a deadly combination of close combat weapon, and wrist mounted combi flamer.


Storm talon wing - stormtalons used by the second warhost to maintain air superiority and to aid in the ground war. The septuplets of the 2nd war host, each earning their namesake after their first kill, have been instrumental in stopping enemy airpower, and crushing land side resistence across many blood soaked planets, from the ice moons of gallahad to the blasted wastes of uzthack, destroying tyranids, necrons, tau,heretics, and countless other foes of the imperium.the 7 surviving stormtalons used by the 2nd are; remorse,Anguish,Fear,Pain,Hatred ,Dread,and Horror.




Storm raven flights- there are numerous stormravens in the armouries of the second war host, each one is outfitted to carry a full assault squad without jump packs and a dreadnought into the heart of enemy strong points, blasting apart key positions, and destroying primary and secondary targets. Currently there are 5 stormravens in use by the war host; Hellfire,Stryx,Malefice,Axionn,Wrathbringer


Predator assassin squad- when fielded together, these predators can fell titans of metal and chitin, destroying key bunkers and offering the wrath of the chapter to all who deny the scythes their victory.the 3 predators are called ; Punishment, Wrath, and Fury


Land raider-the lone surviving land raider still in use by the second, since their deployment far from their home sector, the landraider known as Siege breaker Has been tenacious in its' machine spirits ability to follow orders, saving the lives of countless battle brothers who would have died pointlessly had it not been for the interjections of the tank. Only deployed on the most harsh and difficult tasks, siege breaker lives up to its namesake in blood. Deployed straight to war via the thunderhawk sovereign might.


Vindicator- often deployed along with the trio of predators by the thunderhawks nostromus and liberation of Ibax, the vindicator known as Vindictis, was the tank that first felled the enemy on k'mal set against the tau of the o'ghyr sept with its demolisher cannon. Laying waste along with its cousin tanks to the taus' heavy walkers and hastily built defences before the arrival of the drop pods and stormravens.


Whirlwinds- named for their use in overuse of firepower, the twin whirlwinds Venom, and Antidote were babtised in the blood of countless hormagaunts and small tyranid creatures on the liberation of kormoroch from the gogonoth hive tendril that had ruined many planets of the system. The multi missile launchers proved instrumental in thinning the tides for the purgatory squads attached from the 5th war-host to purge in holy promethium.


Thunderhawks- both gunship and transports, the thunderhawks of the scythes are a true sight to behold when deployed en masse, heralding the deaths of millions of the emperors enemies. And delivering retribution in the form of skyhammer missiles and thunderhawk cannon. The war hosts staggering 9 thunderhawks are named; Titan slayer,Sovereign might,Thunderbird,Last rights,Son of siguris,Nostromus,Liberation of Ibax,Mark of Cathica, and Vanquisher


freeblade knight errant (or is it paladin?) - known as the phantom of styx, the freeblade was discovered by the warhost fighting highhandedly against tides of an unknown xenos race on it's homeworld of j'kahn, the entirety of the population had been decimated, and the rest of his house lost to the gigantic crystalline monstrosities that infected the once proud planet. to respond to the late plea for help, the majority of the war-host deployed immediately to fight for the lives of any survivors, who cowered beneath the lone knights' staggering height. those who were saved by the scythes numbered fewer than one hundred, including the lone knight, the planet destroyed by cyclonic torpedoes and left t o float for eternity in space devoid of life. All of the mortals were either inducted into the ranks of the astartes, or allowed to become chapter surfs, and the knight, forever indebted and sorrowful for the loss of his home, pledged his eternal life to the war-host, going so far as to change parts of his heraldry to announce his allegiance to the scythes so was his fervor. the rapid firing battle cannon and reaper chainsword have been instrumental in slaying the enemies of mankind in service to the ideals of the chapter to this day.

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Hey everybody,

Just came up with an idea for a squad type i took the basic idea from the nighlords and their terror markings, because they are sooo awesome! ideas to help refine or change?

Purgation squad:

formed from veterans of long campaigns against the predations of insurgency amongst imperial worlds, such as the vorst and jharrak campaigns, the hardened soldiers formed into purgation squads excell in terror campaigns against those who would turn from the emperor's light. Purgation squads are seldom made up of younger astartes, often grizzled veterans will be rearmoured with ancient mkIV plate, colored with darker grey tones instead of the bone white typical to the chapter, and often with horrific insignia painted upon their faceplates. Armed with tigrus bolters using metal storm and hellfire rounds, the astartes are often deployed well in advance of any main force, used to eliminate any priority leadership and instill terror amongst the populous.

Combat blade
Tigrus bolter
Hellfire and metal storm rounds
Frag and krak grenades
MkIV armour
Terror markings on armour

Veteran sergeant equipment
Combi weapons
Melta bomb
Lightning claws
Plasma/ grav pistol
Storm bolter

Assault weapons (can take 2 because no heavy weapons)
Plasma gun
Grav gun
Melta bombs, up to 2
Melta gun

Combat squads,fear, and they shall know no fear, infantry, chapter tactics

can take drop pod, rhino, thunderhawk, storm raven, or razorbacks as transport

Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks



EDT spell check and mnor tweaks

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some ideas for the custom dread:

basically a MK4 iron clad dreadnought with some extra armour, maybe added height on the legs, and then a par of custom arms. one with 4 autocannons on a rack arm and some sort of attachment for extra ammo and feed running to them. a different arm would be a large thunder-hammer of sorts, with some sort of rocket thruster rig attached? thinking of doing an entire new arm, seeing as everyone and their brother made one from the librarian dreadnought arm( not that there is anything wrong with that.tongue.png )

then for the left arm, i was planning on making this huge metal shield, much like the ones used by the boarding action squads during ship to ship or zone mortalis combat situations. it will have a stylized slit underneath to attach a support weapon like an autocannon or heavy stubber, and covered in rivets too!

thoughts? comments?

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I like the fluff for your chapter. They have a unique character that I think will opes many interesting avenues creative fiction. 


I particularly like their command structure. It sounds very effective and tactically flexible. I am always interested to know exactly how a chapter's combat expertise developed. The Scythe have an interesting history and it's easy to see why they would favour the surgical insertion of smaller groups of Astartes, with more strength in reserve should it be needed.


They dour character also makes sense, given their history.


If you wanted to, you could expand on why they show no special piety towards the Emperor. It's quite a big thing for an Astartes chapter. Perhaps you could state that they are not often heard praising or praying to the Emperor or any Primarch and then elaborate why. This allows you to claim in future - if it is ever needed - that they do acknowledge the Emperor, but because of what they had suffered they are not seen to show much in the way of piety. 

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Thanks a ton for the input!

i really do like the concept i came up here, i think some weaknesses were the dates and their primogenitor, those and a possible infringement on canon, were worrying me, i think i will definitely be coming up with something about their non piety, that is a tremendous idea!

the warhost i will be focusing the most on will be the 2nd, because of their specialty in depopulating a planet of its' heretics and traitors, and the special trio of terror squads i have created add some character to the force that i admire. here sometime, probably later today, i will be adding a new fan fic to maybe go in depth on one of the seconds' new founded enemies, the tau, in a campaign of cleanse and burn and reclaim over a few worlds. (the opening chapter will even have a special new character whose model was just recently released, and stands about 8 inches tall on the table top.whistling.gif )

((i hope to the emperor that i can find time soon to get back into painting, but, as i have said in other threads of mine, there is a g-scale scrath-built war walker that needs some attention for contest season...))

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Glad to help. 


Hope you find time. 


I agree that, perhaps, a different founding chapter would be a good idea. Otherwise, you have to work the Thirst into your chapter.


Like the warhost division. It allows for a variety of specialisations. 

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okay, so i edited the 2nd war-host background, adding some more characters, including a pair of apothecaries and an imperial knight, not sure if the one with the battle cannon is an errant or paladin... ????




i will be changing the primogenitor chapter, don't want any major gene-flaws like the thirst or rage though, any ideas on that would be welcomed too!

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Awesome. I'll give the updated info a read soon.


If you want to avoid major gene-flaws, your best sources are the Iron Hands, White Scars, Ultramarines or Imperial Fists (obviously, as per your fluff, the Scythes are not a Second Founding chapter, so you are looking to the descendants of one of these chapters as progenitor). 


Bearing in mind the psyche of your Scythes, I doubt that they are of Iron Hands lineage. The Dark Angels also have no gene-flaws,but the Scythes are not interested in hunting the Fallen (and probably don't know about them).


So, perhaps consider giving them a White Scars, Ultras or Imperial Fists lineage?

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