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Baneblade double sponson arc?


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If a Baneblade variant has 2 pairs of Sponsons (i.e. 4 Lascannons), would the rear pair of Lascannons be able to fire straight forwards on their respective sides (i.e. with exactly the same firing arc as the front pair of Lascannons)?


Model-wise, it wouldn't seem like it could, but I wasn't sure if rule-wise it would be allowed.


Thanks for the clarification.

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The Lascannons are turret mounted so have a 360' arc of fire.  However, with vehicle weapons, you need Line of Sight down the barrel to the enemy.  So any intervening part of the Tank will obscure it's Line of Sight.


So yes, they can fire forwards, but the Line of Sight can't pass through the front set of lascannons, or the central turret, or anything else that obscures the target for that matter.


The "vehicle weapons and line of sight" rules on page 72 cover this.

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Ok, so I'm assuming even though the Lascannon's are mounted on turrets, that in turn are on sponsons; I still have to trace LOS from their mounting, down the barrel, to the target.


So the rear-right Lascannon could pontentially shoot something to the left side of the hull, if no other tank part happens to block its LOS. But, at the same time, the rear-right Lascannon might be obstructed by the front-right Lascannon from shooting something on the front-right side of the hull.


They should have included more parts to allow us to mount the additional sponsons higher than the original pair - to allow the former to shoot over the latter. Oh well....

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