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Needing some advice in regards to armour!


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Greetings !


I have now, after a couple of years, decided to jump on to the heresy bandwagon. and make a small heresy era dark angel force.


Now the question becomes what armour mark/s to use... as one gets the impression from the HH novels descent of angels and fallen angels, that the so called battle plate  mentioned is equal to mark III armour... must admit though I am very much partial to mark IV armour.... but for some reason that mark just screams emperors prettyboys (emperors children) for me, just as mark III screams death guard or lunar wolves for me.... however I am much aware of that this might be heavily influenced by the artwork in the Visions books.....



I lurk therefore I am!

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MKIV suits most legions more then any I have seen.

While certain Legions have their favorite MK eg, Death Guard MKIII or Raven Guard are usually Stylized in MKVI, In the end it comes down to setting, if its early heresy MK3 and 4 from what I've seen/ read and Terra would have all MK's bar 8.


But it comes down to your choice brother, Its your army make it yours.

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DA as any other loyalist legion starter the Heresy with mainly MK II & III with a small amount of MK IV due to Horus that prevented the non traitors to have wide access to the better Mark available at the moment...

This is why MK V was developed, to give loyalists a armour easy to produce and comparabile to MK IV...

MK VI and MK VII was developed late in the Heresy and only the Legions fighting in the Solar System (WS, BA, IF) had a lot of these MKs with only the RG having the MK VI prototypes in Order to rebuild their legion faster...

In most artwork DA wear MK II & III armours with Little or none presente of other MKs but they are mostly artworks of the GC or early HH or about the Fallen that being on a periferic Planet had less new MKs...

At the beginning of the Heresy DA conquered the Forge World Diamat so we can assume they captured a certainly amount of MK IV...

Being far from Terra i guess that before the end of the Heresy DA had very few MK V and almost none MK VI & VII...

So My suggestion is that DA should have a MK proportion of about 35% of MK II, about 35% of MK III, about 20% of MK IV and about 10% of MK V with just few MK VI and none MK VII...


My 2 cents

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Building on the above, think about when in the Heresy you would like to depict and then use the relevant marks of armour. You could have quite a bit of fun mixing some of the marks up (true Mk V) to give the impression of a battle-hardened force that has had to make repairs and scrounge parts due to near-constant conflict. Personally, I would go with a predominant mix of Mks III - V, with a few suits of Mk VI and one or two Mk VII.

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Thank you for your inputs!

I think I shall go with a predominant mark III armour flavour, with a smattering of mark IV thrown in......

Cause the mark III has that lovely knightly knighty feel to it, and we all know that the Dark Angels are the most knightly knights there are tongue.png

Now all I have to do is to spend a minor fortune at forgeworld!!!

I lurk therefore I am

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MKIII is the way to go. As you write, it does have a knightly look that I think suits the HH DA perfectly.
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