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The Fireborn. Salamanders WIP log. (Updated 13 Feb)


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G'day all

I'm a long time lurker of these forums but rarely post and this will be my first painting log. A little about myself, I've been collecting and playing on and off for about 13 years. I've decided to do a paint log to keep me on track as I have a tendency to go off on a tangent and start a new projects without finishing old ones. Also to help keep me on track I have daily and weekly goals that I have set myself to achieve. I will try to post updates daily at the end of the day for the next 3 weeks as I am on leave and don't have really much excuse not to paint. This will be the beginning of a 2000 point army which will hopefully/eventually (pending on funds) turn into a full battle company.

For this army I intend to do something I have never done before. I want to convey a story of an army that has been on campaign for quite some time, so rather than painting these guys like they've just freshly come off a production line, they are going to be heavily battle damaged. This is going to be quite interesting and challenging for me as I have rarely dabbled with battle damage before so any tips and C&C would be welcomed. biggrin.png

That's enough of me ranting so here we go...

Tactical squad 1



Tactical squad 2





This is a prototype of the urban bases that I am planning on making.

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Ok so today was not as productive as I had hoped. I managed to crack out a test mini, which took more time than it should have (combination of rewatching Game of Thrones and playing ESO beta didn't help).


Test Mini



Im not quite happy with the weathering/damage effect. It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Gonna have to play around with it a bit more. Any advice on how I can improve the weathering/damage effect would be greatly appreciated.

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I think yopu have a great start there.


Regarding the weathering, I know a lot of people opt for a black backround on which to apply the metal wear... Personally I'd go for the metal straight on the green - it looks better in my opinion. The quality of green is great - it looks dirty and bonds well with the overall weathered look. Poses and base are awesome!

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@ Captain Semper: I've tried doing that, I didn't quite like as it looked a bit too "painted on" for my taste. Thanks for the recommendation though.


@ zxyogi: I will have to give that a shot. At the moment I've just been drybrushing it with brown to give it the dirt effect.


A quick update.



3 of these guys still need to be cleaned up. Left a bit too much brown on the brush when I was drybrushing the 3rd guy.



This is my first few attempts on freehanding flame icons on a bit of plastic



First freehand on the shoulders. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Definitely will improve on it with more practice.


Thanks for reading. C&C are appreciated.

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Having just written you a PM about weathering, I have to say I actually like your method better for armour damage. A mixture might work well however. Note that you can also use sponge weathering with browns and earthy colours to give the effect of mud sprays - you can even do blood sprays reasonably well with it but I recommend using Tamiya Clear Red thickened up with PVA glue for that.


Great stuff so far.

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