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Signum for a captain - help!


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Howdy brethren.


Have a captain I want to use as a siege master but need a backpack modelled to reflect his signum.


I do have am alternative siege master, the master of relics model. He has a backpack easily representing a signum.


My other captain model ill be using is the old games day captain - running with thunder hammer, hopefully someone will remember this.


It doesn't have anything representing a signum and as such I need to model one. I am using devastators already in the army so its not as simple as a transplant from a dev sergeant.


Ideally what I need is something signum-like but suitably ornate as it should for a captain. I'm really lost as to what to use.


Can any of our cast iron modellers suggest an alternative signum backpack or components that could make one up. Total out of my depth here!





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There is the omniscope from the centurion box which could model the iron halo as well as the signum


You could get the camera suites off of a predator sponson and have those mounted onto the backpack to represent a signum


There is the signum backpack conversion someone did here:



Someone did the predator camera suite idea I had and stuck it onto a converted Chronus backpack (it also shows a conversion of a standard space marine backpack merged with that imperial guard one)



Hope that helps

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You could copy the "camera on a stick" bit from Chronus with a pair of IG or Scout binoculars and a piece of wire as well. If you happen to have built a terminator squad with cyclone launcher or know someone who has, they'll have a terminator torso piece left over. They have these lttle cameras as well. The visors from Tau Firewarriors, an Auspex or a scope might work too.


But as you said you already are using devestators and are looking for something more ornate for your captain, why not use one of the servo skulls that come with them (assuming you have the plastic kit)? You could even add some antennas and a bionic eye made from a scope or something the get idea across, if you feel inclined. As far as I remember a Signum is described as a "communication device" that feeds them information and a servo skull seems to fit that description quite well.

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