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Wanted: DKoK Gorgon troops (the strips)


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Hello everyone, this is probally NOT the place to put this sort of stuff, so please if this is the wrong place, point me to right part of this awesome forum please! Would be much apreciated.


Back ontopic:

I am searching/in a dire need of the DKoK troops that where made by FW for the Gorgon transport tank. I am searching for as many of those DKoK "strpis" as possible.


I am in for buying the models or for trading, I have some FW HH models for trade:

- a Spartan assault tank

- 2 Deimos rhino's

- 1 Deimos Vindicator

- 1 Javelin speeder


Please let me know if you have any of those Gorgon troops lying around!



Alpharius (Or maybe Omegon, who knows)

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