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Vallejo Color Triads

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im starting to Paint my Army and i often read about Color Triads.

I have roughly an understanding of them but i have some Problems with it.


My Main Problem :


I want my army to be German Grey form Vallejo. So the "Shadow" is simple Black.

My Question is the "Highlight" Color i want a relativly "brighter dark" edge  and some of it on places where the "sun" hits strong.


So how do i choose a Traid "highlight" color for German Grey?

Does Vallejo have a System?

Additionally im Seeking combos for Fur ( i have Leather Brown), Bone (Highlight Brown=Base Bone?) and Power Weapons (Blue - Highligt Color is Electric Blue)


It would be nice if someone can wise me up



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Vallejo doesn't have an official triad system like, say Reaper, but obviously some colours work together that way.VMC Basalt Grey is  perfect highlight for German Grey, it's noticeably brighter, but still quite a muted, dark grey. The wings on this blood drop are Black, German Grey, Basalt Grey.


Power Weapons: If Electric Blue (Game Colour, right?) is your highlight then VGC Magic Blue would work as a midtone and VGC Imperial Blue as a shade.

Bone - VMC Ivory as a highlight, VGC Bonewhite as a midtone and a little bit of VMC Leather Brown added in would shade effectively (I use Reaper Aged Bone, myself). Perhaps something like VMC Khaki Brown or Khaki Grey would be better.

Can't really help with the fur.


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