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Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and warband.

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Cheers mate, it's fun making these :) I'm actually using a shaggoth as a base. He's heavy! I've just glued him together and got him mounted on the base.


I'm working on three henchmen at the moment, gluing on one, greenstuff the other, basing the third type of approach. It's the way I like to work and one of the reasons I work fairly fast I guess.


Anyway, this is Mastah & Blasta ready for a basecoat.




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Looking good!


If you have any unpainted retinue in the works come 1 May you should vow some for ETL! Inquisition has a bit of a unique position to maximize completions since we can do successive vows of 3 model henchman units if there's any concern about finishing. I'm sure a lot of this stuff can be "counts as" to make it legal for ETL. For example, the Ork and gretchin could be a heavy bolter servitor.

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@Nicodemus: yeah that's pretty much what I'm thinking as well.


@Brett: cheers mate, really appreciate it :)




Kosal Chhit is done.



More pics


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I do not know tbh and I haven't focused on that bit at all. It's been fantastic to build and paint something without caring about points or rules.


Now I'd love for someone to help me figure out the count-as so I could actually play with them one day though :)


Thank you for your compliment btw :)

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